October Oneshot #6 “Hana to Shakutaku” (“A Flower and A Table”) by Bikke

Hana_to_Shokutaku_001I have to release this one just after midnight because I have a lot to do during the day and I may not be around to do the release later.

Bikke stories are always so lovely, and this oneshot is no exception. I love this color page so much! And the story! Hee! I loved translating this oneshot. It’s quite nice.

Just a note: I’m doing a crimson themes for all the feature images. Despite the scary stare, this story is not scary at all. I just like how dramatic the eyes are in this illustration.

And now onto the release!

Links to Hana to Shokutaku: (PDF) (Zip)

The next oneshot will be released on Tuesday. Please look forward to it!

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