Past Shoujo Oneshots for Shoujo Haters

I thought I’d grease the skid by featuring some shoujo for shoujo haters oneshots from the past. Have fun! Please leave comments about what you like and don’t like. I’m selecting the oneshots for this summer, so your input is valuable as I’m am in analysis paralysis because there are too many choices.

22 thoughts on “Past Shoujo Oneshots for Shoujo Haters

  1. I loved Kuma-san to Issho, The Swineherd Prince and the 100 Kisses. The rest I like but I didn’t care for Million Dollar Man, Trick or Kiss, and The Boy Has a Secret.

    1. Thanks for you input. “Trick or Kiss” is polarizing — you either love it or hate it, or in my case, love to hate it. Million Dollar Man has some art challenges and is very silly. The Boy Has a Secret — haha, I know people who simply don’t like vampire stories because they hate vampires. Swineherd was A LOT of fun for me to translate :). It’s rare to find smutty oneshots of that quality.

      1. Trick or Kiss was too shoujo-y for me, I hate stupidly-pushy-i-like-you-guys and what looks like a pushover girl to me. Million Dollar Man IS silly but didn’t care to keep it. As for The Boy Has a Secret the i’m-a-vampire-secret is too cliche for me, too common for girls. If I end up reading a werewolf one I’m gonna cringe. (I don’t hate them per se, I think I’m just sick of the romance regarding them.) I thought I’d hate Red Blushing Akasa because of the theme, but surprisingly I found it cute.

  2. Wow, there were so many of them that I forgot about, made me re-read some:) But those I particulary liked were Hana to Shokutaku, Kuma-san to Issho, Souai Metaphysica, Dare mo Shiranai Heya, Puzzle, Kutsunashihime, Risou no Kareshitachi, The Earls Red Doll, Kanojo no Kare, Boushi no Ue no Oka and Tansu Shoujo (or generally anything by Tsukiji Nao) or the total crack of Blushing Boy Akasa…. I´d say that among those I enjoyed the most, the majority are the rather unsettling (bordering on) horror kind of stories.

  3. I liked most of them but I particularly enjoyed Kanojo no Kare, all the Tsukiji Nao, and Kuma-san to Iso; I have a love-hate relationship with Souai Metaphysica (I hate things that make me cry but that was so good); and I did not like Trick or Kiss at all.

    1. I just reread Cold Blood (I forgot the name to the story) and I must say, I also am a big fan of light smut.

  4. Morie Satoshi ❤ I hope for much MORE from her.

    The Earl's Red Doll was wonderfully creepy and Kumo made me all teary. I will have to read the rest. Thanks for the list!

  5. FYI: The link for Shoku no Hana goes to Kuma san to Issho. I found the oneshot through the menu at the top.

  6. This just reminded me of how much CF stuff I need to catch up with… like almost all one-shots from the past year and up to now =_= This collection is definitely for the shoujo hater, haha! You included basically every creepy one ever done.

    Really, really liked: Shoku no Hana, Kutsunashihime, Tsukiji Nao one-shots, Kuma-san to Issho (I don’t like zombie crap but this… played with my heartstrings).
    Enjoyed: Ai no Tane, Souai Metaphysica, Butakai Ouji.
    Left an impression on me but meh: Earl’s Red Doll, Puzzle, Blushing Boy Akasa.
    Would like to stay away from: S no Kaikoroku (because hey, that sorta creepy is so much NOPE for me)

    Looking forward to the one-shot party! I’d like some well-written creepy/mindscrew stuff, or what goes along Kutsunashihime – less mainstream, more substance. Meanwhile, I’ll go and read the stuff released recently…

  7. Reading through them all again took a while. XD”
    The ones I really enjoyed:
    – The Hill on Top of the Hat
    – Chest of Drawers Girl
    -Million Dollar Man (PFFFT Goodness. So much dumb. XD”)
    – Ai no Tane
    -Together with Mr. Bear
    – The Earl’s Red Doll
    I wasn’t impressed with:
    – Her Boyfriend
    – Memoirs of a Sadist
    – R-15 Horror

  8. I really loved Million Dollar Man, its probably one of my favorite one shots of all time. I love comedies that spoof shoujo (death by moe, haha) and the romance was cute. I’m not a big fan of the art but the story was well worth it. I hope to see more one shots like that. I wasn’t a fan of stories like R-15 Horror or Perfect Boyfriends, I just don’t really enjoy really violent ones I prefer the more subtle psychological ones like Puzzle.

  9. I hope I am not too late in commenting. xD
    There are a couple on this list I haven’t read, so apart from the Swineherd, that is a great story, I enjoyed Trick or Kiss, Million Dollar Man for their comedy and Sayonara Kodomodachi for it’s ‘realness’.
    The hill on top of the hat was interesting (mostly because of the art) but kind of predicable. There are a lot of creepy ones here, which I would not choose to read since abusive, creepy, horror stories are not my thing.
    If there are comedic or even satyric oneshots out there I would love to see them!

    Again, thanks to the whole team for your excellent work! (and for asking for readers’ input 😉 )

  10. I was stuck at home all day today, so I spent the better part of it reading through this entire list XD But I’m not sure if I’m the right target audience for this?? I usually love unconventional shoujo, but I’m not huge on weird/creepy/toxic relationships.

    So I don’t know how much you could get out of my feedback, but this is just my opinion anyway:

    (Sorted in the order of the ones I liked the most to the least)

    Most – “Ai no Tane” (adorable and original), “The Hill on Top of the Hat” (eyecandy and sweet story), “Barefoot Princess” (liked the art and direction, without it delving into the surreal, unrelatable characterization that a lot of artsy fantasy shoujo one-shots do)

    Quite a bit – “Souai Metaphysica” (I’ve already read an almost identical one-shot in terms of plot, execution, and even art-style in a bonus one-shot included in the Katakoi Triangle manga, but I would’ve loved it if I hadn’t read that one first), “The Swineherd and the 100 Kisses” (borderline toxic, but still nice), “Chest of Drawers Girl” (weird story, but gorgeous art)

    Medium – “Kuma-san to Issho” (liked how the focus wasn’t on the horror, but the emotional aspect of it; but the child character fell flat for me), “Sayonara Kodomotachi” (really sweet, but also a little icky?? Wasn’t she just a prepubescent kid when he started lusting for her?), “Hana to Shokutaku (kind of got a creepy vibe in the middle, but turned out well – nice twist)

    Indifferent – “Million Dollar Man” (I know this one is really popular, but I don’t think it’s that unconventional in execution as it is in terms of the concept – the actual story still has that unrealistic, a little childish typical shoujo vibe to it), “Kanojo no Kare” (nice twist, but not my cup of tea), “Puzzle” (ditto), “Bright-Red Blushing Boy Akasa” (reminds me of ecchi shounen, panty flashes and all), “The Earl’s Red Doll” (I loved the execution, but yeah, still not a horror fan)

    Didn’t like – “Dare mo Shiranai Heya” (that got weird fast), “Risou no Karetachi” (WTF? It’s kind of a fun twist on the typical “melodrama and stalking = HEA in shoujo”, though), Trick Kiss (nice subversion on the age gap trope, but this was just too uncomfortable for my tastes), R-15 Horror (horror aside, the storytelling was a bit messy), Memoirs of a Sadist (man, I didn’t expect this from Akane Ogura at all. This is one sick, sick relationship.)

    1. I like a variety of works and I like a variety of opinions on the work. The fact that you and other people took the time to write thoughtful comments means that the group is on the right track.

      Yeah, “Memoirs of a Sadist” was at my creepy limit. I went back and forth on whether to release that oneshot. But I’m glad I did because of the discussion it sparked.

  11. Perfect Boyfriends woah. The Swineherd Prince and the 100 Kisses was meh but Puzzle, R-15, The Earl’s Red Doll and Kuma-san to Issho were ok.
    I liked Kutsunashihime, Boushi, Tansu Shoujo, Daremo Shiranai Heya, Cold Blood, Shoku no Hana, Million Dollar Man. Souai Metaphysica made me cry but I liked it too. T_T
    Did not like Memoirs of a Sadist or Trick or Kiss (the art style was nice which is a shame).
    Admittedly, I love shoujo manga so maybe this collection isn’t for me haha.

  12. I really loved “Kuma-san to Issho”! It was my first experience w/ an oneshot of a little girl and a creepy scenario. My first place!
    I also enjoyed:
    ~Boushi no Ue no Oka;
    ~Dare mo Shiranai Heya;
    ~Tansu Shoujo.

    And “Trick or Kiss” was a weird experience. I liked and disliked it at the same time just like you.

    *Sorry for my poor english!*

  13. Whoa. I fell in love with Kutsunashihime, Boushi no Ue no Oka, and Sayonara Kodomotachi. Those were some mighty original story-telling and art. I miss stories like these.

    As for Risou no Kareshitachi, it’s creepy. The creep factor was worrying the farther the story went, but then it flipped into comedy once it overdid it in the ending. Still enjoyed it for how ridiculously unexpected it ended.

    OTOH, I disliked Million Dollar Man since it tried too hard with its comedic atmosphere.

    Thank you so much for your work, everyone!

  14. ‘“Shoku no Hana” (“Starving for Hana”) by Yumi Kiiro’ links to a different page and I don’t think that’s intended, so you might want to fix that

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