Koori no Joou (The Ice Queen) Chapter 2 — Nika’s Dream


First, a call for volunteers again. We are in great need of a couple of skilled redraw artists for this series and “Hana ni, Kamitsuku”. If you can help, even with just a handful of pages per month, that would be wonderful. If you are interested, please contact me (Kuroneko003): omarissister (at) gmail (dot) com.

This is the last chapter of the 2-chapter Nika arc. I like this 2 chapter arc because Nika discovers a way she can speak without words. I also like her struggle with why she decides to skates. So often in shoujo, the female protagonist’s motivation is a boy. This is often true in real life, so it’s nice to see a model thought process to cut through to true feelings — mainly, do I enjoy doing this regardless of the boy.

After this, the story switches to Kiwako, who will be the focus for the rest of the series. Don’t worry; Nika and Akira will still be present in the story. But if you think Nika’s story was good, Kiwako’s is even better.

And now onto the release!

Links to “Koori no Joou” Chapter 2: (Zip) (PDF)

Next up will be “Seishun Away” (“Seiten Kickoff”) Chapter 3 followed by some Christmas themed oneshots.

One thought on “Koori no Joou (The Ice Queen) Chapter 2 — Nika’s Dream

  1. Its nice to see that Nika is finding her own reason to skate and that her parents are really supportive.
    I’m also excited to read about Kiwako’s story. I love characters that are confident in their selves.
    Thanks for the release *bows*

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