February Oneshot #3: “Koi to Sakura to Toshishita no Kimi” by Yukako Saejima


First a bit of business. Crimson Flower needs you. We are in dire need of proofreader/QCers and redraw artists.  Please see our recruitment post for more information. LINK

This oneshot was lost, and I thought it was completely gone due to one of my many hard drive failures. This was upsetting because Kumiko already did all the redraws PERFECTLY. Thank goodness I still had copies of the files buried on one of the NAS drives that hasn’t failed yet.

That aside, I’ve come to like age-gap romances now that I’ve found more than silly “I love sensei” melodramas. This one is from Petite Comic Extra. This magazine has many age-gap romances like this one. So if you like this oneshot and can read Japanese, Petite Comic Extra has lots of wonderful oneshots for you.

And now onto the release!

Updated 03/06/2016

Links to “Koi to Sakura to Toshishita no Kimi”: (PDF) (Zip)

Next up will be our final February oneshot! Watch out for it this weekend, or Tuesday at the latest. After that, we will be taking a short break before beginning our March releases. March will be focused on our usual series, so expect new chapters of the “Kanojo ni Naru Hi” pair of series, “Sabaku no Harem”, “Seishun Away”, “The Ice Queen”, and “Hana ni, Kamitsuku”. We have no March oneshots planned.

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