Crimson Flower is Recruiting Volunteers for all Positions

Update: We are now recruiting cleaners! I would prefer cleaners with past fan translation experience and basic redrawing and cloning skills (don’t worry about the major redraws, we have experts for those.)

We’re down to a bare-bones staff right now, so we need some new blood to increase capacity. Please read through this post carefully before applying. We have now added tests for most of the positions. We are now accepting applications for proofreaders/QCers, but the bar will be high. We need meticulous people who know English well.

Also, I have fixed the e-mail link at the very bottom of the blog (click on the little envelop icon), so hopefully e-mails won’t bounce.

We work hard and we also have a lot at CF, so if you want to be a part this shoujo fan translation team, please drop me an e-mail. We have lots of great releases ahead!

Here are the positions:

  • Translator — We need Japanese to English Translators to work on one-shots and new series. Translators must be comfortable with works that do not have furigana. The minimum commitment is one chapter or oneshot per month (30 – 60-pages). Translators will also help QC other translator’s translations. Applicants will be tested after application e-mail is received. Please note we only translate Japanese comics. Please do not apply as a Chinese-to-English translator.
  • Cleaners — Experience is preferred, but I am willing to train volunteers who are proficient in Photoshop.  Cleaner will remove the text and sound effects from the images. No leveling, dusting, or filtering is required. Cleaners should also be able to do simple line redraws and basic cloning.
  • Typesetter — Experience is preferred, but it you have a natural knack for it, we’ll gladly take you.  Patience is a must. There are lots of typesetting dry spells. Typesetters do not have to do any image editing or redrawing. You will only work with text and sound effects.  You must have Photoshop C2 or better (If you don’t have Photoshop, Adobe offers a free version of Photoshop CS2, which is good enough to work on our projects! Link). If you are experienced, please be prepared to show examples of your past work. The minimum commitment is one chapter or oneshot per month (30 – 60-pages). Typesetters will be provided with a standard set of fonts for CF projects.
  • Translation QC — Advanced level Japanese is preferred.  I need folks to check the translations to make sure they are accurate. The commitment is 2 chapters per month (60 – 90 pages). Translation is not required; we are only seeking QC. Translation QC applicants will be tested after your application e-mail is received.
  • Proofreaders/ QC — Must be proficient in English and have strong knowledge of grammar and spelling. Applicants will be screened first by their applications e-mails. If the application e-mail is acceptable, then applicants will be given an editing and proofreading test. The minimum commitment is two chapters or oneshots per month.
  • Redraw Artist/Image Editors — I need a couple of experienced redraw artists to work on one-shots and  series. Although advanced level is preferred, we will accept applicants who can help with simple clone stamping and line redraws. Applicants will be tested after receipt of the application e-mail. In your application e-mail, please describe your capabilities. The minimum commitment is 10 pages per month.

If you are interested in volunteering for Crimson Flower, please send me an e-mail to Kuroneko003 (me) via the “Contact” link at the top of this blog (the first star at the top of the blog) or to crimsonflowerscans (at) gmail (dot) com.

If you don’t have Photoshop, Adobe offers a free version of Photoshop CS2, which is good enough to work on our projects!  Link

10 thoughts on “Crimson Flower is Recruiting Volunteers for all Positions

  1. For whatever the reason, the email address you describe as being on the top of the page is nowhere on the page. How should I contact you to apply?

  2. Hey there!
    I was wondering if you still have the proofreading position open. If so, should I drop a mail? I’m very interested in this position and i can also speak and write English fluently. Please let me know.

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