Summer 2016 Plans

Yeah, I know we’re only a month into spring. Here in Southern California, though, it’s been endless summer for the past three years. Ugh… I am so tired of sunny weather! So just indulge me when I say summer at Crimson Flower starts in May.

Let’s start with the hiatus schedule —

  • Sabaku no Harem: on hiatus until the end of July
  • Kanojo ni Naru Hi Another: on hiatus until mid-August

On top of all of that, we will be doing “Seishun Away” from the tankoubon, so after chapter 4, we can’t resume the series until volume 2 releases which is sometime after July. I will put chapter 5 on the schedule when I get the release date.

As you can see, we are left with some giant holes in our schedule. We will be continuing to release “The Ice Queen”, “Yuurei Apaato Kanrinin”, and “Magical Change” regularly, but what I’ve decided to do is alternate between chapters of those series and oneshots throughout the summer.

Our oneshot theme this summer will be “shoujo for shoujo haters”. We will be featuring stories for older shoujo readers and people who are tired of the usual shoujo tropes. There will be stories with sexual content and I will label them as such. The group and I are looking forward to it, so please look forward to it also.

I am currently updating the release schedule, so please consult that page for the latest updates on our releases. If you have a request for any type of story, please leave it in the comments and I’ll see if I have anything that matches. If you have something specific in mind, make sure it’s from a publication I get and make sure it’s not typical shoujo. And no moe. We don’t do moe, so don’t bother asking.

13 thoughts on “Summer 2016 Plans

  1. Sooo looking forward to the oneshots!

    That reminds me, did the series from bakonekos lair with the male vet and the gal who he stopped from committing suicide get picked up by an English publisher? Or did you decide not to continue?

  2. Looking forward to the oneshots. šŸ™‚ Was just wondering what the current status on Ao no Souyoku? I think it’s been said that because the series is updated infrequently so it will be released once it is finished. It’s just that I cannot seem to find any updated information on it on this page so I just feel a bit nervous, haha…

  3. “shoujo for shoujo haters” really interesting because i’m one of those older shoujo manga readers :3 :3
    I’m really looking forward it, since i’ve got interest in josei-shoujo like and josei (but too bad you don’t do josei ><)
    Do your best and have a nice summer xD

  4. I hope you have the manhwa Tiara (by Lee Yun-Hee/Kara) in your website. Great work, your team efforts are very commendable!!!

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