“The Ice Queen” Chapter 5

I’m imagine a lot of you are wondering what’s with the big slow down lately. I have a good reason for it. My husband and I have been redoing our backyard. Here are some before photos.

As you can see, our yard was embarrassing. I’ll show what our progress is so far in the next release. Everything is coming together, and tomorrow we should be done with the heavy and time consuming labor. Here’s a peek! I’ve got tomatoes!!!1660

And now on to what you’ve come here for!


This is the beginning of the second volume of “The Ice Queen”. Kiwako’s story continues! I like the discussion of men’s and women’s figure skating in this chapter. I’ll write more of my thoughts about this in the comments section in a couple of days.

I’ve decided that we will prioritize finishing this series, so after a short chapter of “Magical Change”, we will finish “The Ice Queen”. After that, we’ll decide on a new short series to start.

Oh! For reference, this is “Kitaro”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GeGeGe_no_Kitar%C5%8D

And now onto the release!

Links to “The Ice Queen” Chapter 5: (PDF) (Zip)

Next up will be “Magical Change” Chapter 6!

4 thoughts on ““The Ice Queen” Chapter 5

  1. Firstly, thanks for the update. Now onto my comments about this chapter:
    I think it’s really inconsiderate for Kiwako not to give Minato a response after 6 months. She’s not considering his feelings at all. I hate that the new guy had the nerve to kiss her in her sleep! I find it really creepy considering they don’t have a buddy-buddy relationship. I feel bad for Minato who has had to endure for years. I really want to know the reason why he stopped skating. I’m guessing it must have been a family issue.
    Makes me excited for the next chapter; Keep up the good work!

  2. I don’t have an issue with the 6 months. I think it’s fine since Kiwako doesn’t understand what’s she feeling. It would be bad for her to give Minato a premature response, and since he’s good guy, he’s waiting. They’re only 16 and she’s an Olympic-class figure skater. Does she have time to date? It’s not like they would be going out with the intention of getting married at that age. I think being just friends is good for high school kids.

    I don’t like Yuki kissing her at all. I understand that it was to create shoujo drama, but he’s practically a stranger.

    1. Hmm ok. I understand what you’re saying. I was thinking about the 6 months thing without considering the age and circumstances.

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