“Seishun Away” Chapter 4

First a bit of business!

Seishun Away volume 1 is available for purchase in Japanese.Seishun_Away_Chp_4_002

Title: Seishun Away / 青春アウェー Volume 1
Mangaka: Kota / コータ
ISBN: 9784592213758
Links to Purchase: Amazon JP / Amazon US / Yes Asia / Kinokuniya USA

If you enjoy this series, please support Kota by purchasing the book. The book runs from ~$6.70 – $9 if you are not in Japan and purchase from Amazon US, Yes Asia, or Kino.

Seishun Away takes a lot of time to scanlate. Now that it has moved to Hana to Yume and comes out twice a month, we cannot keep up with it. Matters are further complicated by the poor print quality in Hana to Yume.

It takes A LOT more time to clean up the Hana to Yume pages only to come up with clearly inferior image quality than it does to work from the tankoubon, so we will work from the tankoubon. I realize that there are those of you who want content as fast as possible, however, we take pride in doing quality work for ourselves and for the work itself. It’s a shame to present manga with such low quality. I hope you understand our decision. The fact of the matter is that we will be slowed down and unable to work on other series if we work from Hana to Yume. We think it’s far better to have more high-quality releases overall than fewer low-quality releases.

Update (5/29/2016): That said, the next chapter of “Seishun Away” will not be released until we get volume 2, which release on July 20th in Japan.

Update: “Seishun Away” is ending with 13 total chapters in issue 13 of Hana to Yume. (I’m so glad this didn’t become endless shoujo. I like how compact of story it’s turning out to be.)

Seishun_Away_Chp_4_001This chapter was frustrating for me to translate because I had a lot of trouble understanding Hayate’s motivations. This made it hard for me put her thoughts into smooth English. I spent a lot of time trying to get into Hayate’s head so I could understand why she so stubbornly denied what happened to her. Her stubbornness kind of reminds me of my mother when she gets sick or injured. Haha! I ended up thinking Hayate was silly, but that was just her impulsive personality at work.

And now onto the release!

Links to “Seishun Away” Chapter 4: (PDF) (Zip)

Next up will be “The Ice Queen” Chapter 5! Please look forward to it!

11 thoughts on ““Seishun Away” Chapter 4

  1. Quality > Quantity, in my opinion. XD

    Keep up the fantastic work, and thanks for the new chapter as always.

  2. It’ll be fine. Ill gladly waiting till the second volume out with their beautiful quality.
    thanks for this chapter ^^

  3. I definitely love coming to your site and reading your high quality translations. In the meantime while I’m waiting I’ll reread it again.
    Thanks guys!

  4. thank you for sharing with us. I really love this shoujo manga . I’ve ordered my vol 1 already, can’t wait for it to arrive 🙂

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