The Ice Queen Chapter 6


We ended up taking an unplanned break that we didn’t know we needed. I’m now very glad our regular series went on hiatus to allow us this time. At the same time, EVERYTHING about this release was TEDIOUS. Holy crap!!! The finer points of the translation and the redraws took freaking forever! But let’s not complain about that. Instead, enjoy the chapter!

Links to “The Ice Queen” Chapter 6: (PDF) (Zip)

Next up will be “Kanojo ni Naru Hi” Chapter 16

Oh yeah! As promised! Here’s the garden build out :). Thank you all for understanding why I took a break. I’m very happy with the result.July132016 191sm.jpg

6 thoughts on “The Ice Queen Chapter 6

  1. Are you going to do the other chapters of this manga or havr dropped it? I thought there are only 2 or so left and it’s already 7 month ago that the last chapter was released

  2. Hello,
    I’m very interested too in this manga. So it would be amazing if you could finish it. Thank you very much for your hard work

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