Sabaku no Harem Chapter 14


“Sabaku no Harem” has moved from Lala DX to Lala magazine. This means that the series is now monthly. This is not the end of Sabaku appearing in Lala DX! In fact, the October issue of Lala DX will have have an extra “Sabaku no Harem” story!

This chapter kicks off the next arc in the story and introduces a new concubine! Will she be Mishe’s ally or enemy?! I personally don’t want to see some stupid love triangle or have a catty bitch character. Actually, nothing makes me hate a shoujo series more than a bitchy scheming enemy, so let’s hope the story doesn’t go there.

You all have been waiting for months, so I’ll won’t keep you from the chapter any longer.

Update 8/16/2016: Typos corrected
Links to “Sabaku no Harem” Chapter 14: (PDF) (Zip)

Next up will be “Kanojo ni Naru Hi: Another”. It will be the second to last chapter, with the final chapter coming in October. I’m already getting sad. I will miss Sagara, Narumi, and Kurokawa.

12 thoughts on “Sabaku no Harem Chapter 14

  1. Ah, it’s good to see this back again, can’t wait to learn what happens next. I for one am glad we’re starting to address the elephant in the room regarding the harem itself in the romantic development of Mishe and the Prince. Thanks again for the release 🙂

  2. Who’s the last princes?why he is so similar with prince kallum?or maybe he is his twin?
    Too many opinion in my head,,but i hope not only prince kallum who has lover,but mishe too,,ehehehe
    😄 ♡♡♡
    Thanks for translated ^^

  3. Thank you for translating! And yay! Monthly releases!

    I feel like this might turn scheming… -.- I don’t like it either, but Price Kallum will definitely be on top of it.

  4. The last prince looks so similiar to Prince Kallum. Omg, could he possibly have a twin *gasp* I can’t wait to read the next chapter ❤ thanks so much 🙂

    1. Hmm… Isn’t he the oldest prince? If that’s the case, then they can’t be twins. But I wonder if the resemblance means that they are equally capable princes.

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