Kanojo ni Naru Hi Chapter 18


Sorry it took so long to get this chapter out. There was a pile of medical terms I didn’t know and my brain is farty from general being-American stress. Anyhow, we are in the final stretch of this series. I received AneLala with the final chapter in it yesterday and I started working on it yesterday.  Tomorrow, I will release chapter 19. I won’t keep you away from this chapter any longer.

Links to “Kanojo ni Naru Hi” Chapter 19: (PDF) (Zip)

Next up will be chapter 19 tomorrow and then the final chapter as soon as possible. After that, there’s a bonus “Kanojo ni Naru Hi Another” chapter from Lala DX and a short from the end of volume 4. And after that, we’ll catch up on Sabaku no Harem. There are two main story chapters and at least 3 bonus chapters and shorts. Woo! That mangaka is way too productive!

14 thoughts on “Kanojo ni Naru Hi Chapter 18

  1. I was actually hoping for the mother to return at some point asking for forgiveness or something like that before the series ended

    1. I thought about that as well. But reading the last chapter, I think there’s a point to cutting Nao’s mother completely out of the story. Sometimes life doesn’t have resolution or need a resolution.

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