Sabaku no Harem Chapter 23


The mystery begins! Who kidnapped Haruka and Mishe?! The common trope is always that it’s the King’s brother. I wonder if that will be true for this series as well. If it is, I guess the mystery is why. No worries, I’ve haven’t spoiled anything. Chapter 24 doesn’t reveal whodunnit and I have nothing to support the King’s brother supposition other than that’s usually how it goes in these types of stories.  Okay… maybe because there’s no reason in the story to introduce the King’s brother other than to have him be the villain. >_>… That’s almost too easy. Okay, so we’re back to why.

Moving on to something else, I like Mishe and Haruka together. I hope this arc gives them a wonderful adventure and that both Mishe and Haruka become stronger because of it. I’m kinda pissed at how nonchalant Prince Mehleil is about his legal wife being possibly dead. Haruka’s a sweetheart! Where’s the babies?! Don’t you need an heir, Mehleil? But Mehleil’s like “Meh, I’ll let my little brother spin his wheels over Mishe. Imma go take a nap.”

Too bad the new hotness is an asshole. I’m just gonna leave that there to stew.

And now onto the release!

Links to “Sabaku no Harem” Chapter 23: (PDF) (Zip)

Next up is Sabaku no Harem chapter 24, followed by a oneshot, and then the extra chapters of Kanojo ni Naru Hi, KnNH Another, and Sabaku.

9 thoughts on “Sabaku no Harem Chapter 23

  1. Indeed. Hakura and Mishe is a good combo. Mishe is impetuous and, little by little, she’ll help Haruka to obtain self confidence. I think the first prince likes to appear as a nonchalant person, but it must be the opposite.

    Thanks again for another chapter! =D

    1. I thought the same thing,( king Aleph , with the brother king).

      thank you for your hard work

  2. This is my first time visiting your blog and I just want to Thank you for picking up and updating this wonderful story! Truly you’re a blessing to us…

    There are few shoujo stories with interesting heroines and Sabaku no Harem has managed to hook my attention to it because of Mishe. Hopefully this story arc gives her more rounded development

  3. All are possibilities. Haruka’s father may be part of it only because he wants to see if Mehleil truly loves his daughter. It seems that the King invested a lot personal time into Haruka’s upbringing. But still, why introduce a brother?

    I would like King Aleph to show up again. It would be interesting to see if he was perturbing Qatart because the King’s brother also has a valid claim to the throne. Certainly if the King only has daughters, then the next King of Qatart could be Mehleil if the first Princess is unmarried or dead. But then you would think Mehleil would have put a baby in Haruka as soon as possible to fortify his standing in both Jalbra and Qatart.

    Perhaps since it looks like Mehleil hasn’t sealed the deal, Aleph could steal Haruka and claim Qatart for himself while humiliating Jalbra’s first prince. Aleph would probably put a baby in her immediately.

    There’s also the possibility that since Kallum and Aleph are old friends, Aleph seeks to boost Kallum for King of Jalbra by discrediting Mehleil. If this is the case, then harm coming to Mishe would be problem and Aleph may come to Mishe’s rescue to fortify his position with Kallum. This would also break the alliance with Qatart, which Aleph would want, while putting the King’s fool brother on the Qatart throne.

    This expands my theory that Mishe is Aleph’s bastard half-sister. Put Kallum on the throne, marry off his half-sister to form an alliance with Jalbra, and weaken Qatart to make a clean sweep of their little area of the world.

    I guess we’ll find out in late August :).

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