Seishun Away Chapter 8


Updated 8/2/2018 with translation corrections from Jade.

Title: Seishun Away Chapter 8
Mangaka: Kouta

Hayate’s alarm clock goes off. Drowsy with bed head, she staggers to the door and tries to open it only to find that she’s locked in. From the other side of the door, Ibuuki, Hayate’s older brother asks,

“Are you awake, Hayate?”

And then tells her,

“There’s no reason for you to leave your room.”

Seishun_Away_Chp_8_003_Hayate_locked in

Hayate responds,

“Buu! Open the door. It’s time for me to go on my run, and after that, I have morning practice.”

Ibuuki refuses to open the door and says, while sprawled meekly on the ground nervously coughing,

“I have a question for you. The other day, who was that guy you were holding hands with?”

Hayate pounds on the door angrily with her fist. Ibuuki continues,

“It repulses me to even speak of him, but… who is that sketchy guy?!! I shudder to think, but could that be a b…boyfr…”

He stops himself and then defiantly stands with tears streaming down his face and ladle raised,

“No! I can’t approve of any boyfriend! I won’t permit it!!” he cries! “I don’t remember raising such a girl with loose morals!!” he continues. “What are you doing hanging out with some random guy?!! It’s dangerous!!!”


There’s silence from the other side of the door. Hayate escaped through the window and is now purposefully marching to school.


Hayate narrating:
“My brother Ibuuki just figured out that I’m going out with Yuuto. I wasn’t hiding it or anything, it’s more like it never crossed my mind. Now that it’s come to this, it’s a problem…”

It’s later in the morning and Hayate is sitting on a bench with Yuuto eating the snacks he brought her. She’s grateful because she missed breakfast due to the situation with her brother. She’s telling Yuuto about what transpired between and her brother. Yuuto is shocked to hear that Hayate was locked in her room. Hayate explains,

“He’s always been overprotective, but he went overboard.”

Yuuto recalls,

“It’s true that I didn’t make a good first impression…” And suggests, “let me introduce myself. I want to be accepted by your family. Maybe if he gets to know me, he won’t worry so much.”

Seishun_Away_Chp_8_004_yuuto_offer to introduce

Hayate is moved and responds,
“I’m more worried about Buu.”

But she wants Ibuuki to know that Yuuto is a good guy.

The day arrives. Hayate greets Yuuto at the door and Ibuuki, startled by the confrontation, drops his ladle. Hayate imagines that she hears a coach’s whistle blowing.


Yuuto begins his formal introduction,

“It’s nice to meet you. My name is Yuuto Asahina. I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself until now.”

Ibuuki ignores Yuuto’s presence and drags Hayate into the house saying,

“Hayate, didn’t I tell you to rinse out your mouth and wash your hands as soon as you get home? You’re always catching germs! Geez, don’t ever leave my sight!

Hayate protests,

“Hey… Buu, introduce yourself to Yuuto…”

Yuuto resumes his formal introduction by attempting to give Ibuuki a small food item gift, but Ibuuki cuts him off, and continues to ignore Yuuto’s presence. Ibuuki rambles on to Hayate,

“What’s that? You’re hungry? I guess I’ll have to make you some pancakes.”

Hayate protests,
“I don’t want yours! You’ll just put soy milk in them!! More importantly, Yuuto…

And continuing to ignore Yuuto, Ibuuki says,
“My pancakes have always been your favorite! Yes, MY pancadkes

Hayate pulls away from her brother’s hand,

“Listen to me!” she yells, “Yuuto isn’t a bad guy!”

Ibuuki bursts into tear and cries,

He’s deceiving you (because you’re a cute little fool!)  Do you think a guy with a face like that would be your boyfriend? He looks so delicate! Nice guys are boring! There’s got to be another girl! I only see a guy who will make you cry!”

Hayate retorts,

“Right now, the only one crying is you!”

Ibuuki, now shaking Hayate insists,

“Either way that guy is no good! Listen to what your big brother tells you!”

With a groan of frustration, Hayate says,

“You wanna talk about faces?”

And then rips off Ibuuki’s glasses revealing his feminine face.

“Who’s the cute one, idiot?!” she asks rhetorically.


Yuuto is speechless. Hayate earnestly makes her stand,

“Yuuto’s a good guy. Don’t bad mouth him.”

She wants to tell Ibuuki the good things about Yuuto, but it’s difficult to get through to him.

Yuuto tries to step into the conversation,

“Um, Buu…” he starts, but is cut off by Ibuuki who is now angrily pointing his finger at Yuuto,

“Huh?” he says, “Crap can only come out of a face as handsome as yours!! An asshole like you has no right to call me “Buu”!!”

And then turning about to Hayate,

“Besides you already play soccer. Even though I said it’s dangerous, you won’t listen. I don’t understand why you want to be around a bunch of male players.”

Frustrated, Hayate stands with trembling fists,

“I like what I like…” she says and continues

“I hate you ‘cuz you always throw soy milk into everything!!”

Her words gut punch Ibuuki. Hayate then storms out of the house. Yuuto starts to go after her, but notices Ibuuki on his hands and knees on the floor. Ibuuki is trembling like he’s in pain. Ibuuki struggles to speak,

“Guh… at that rebellious age, huh?” He continues, “No doubt an asshole like you will hurt her…”

Yuuto pauses and reflects on his oppressive family situation. He explains to Ibuuki,
“I have no say about my life and continue to be under my family’s thumb. Before I met Hayate, it was like I didn’t have any feelings.”

Ibuuki is shocked to hear this. Yuuto continues,

“I met her and experienced all kinds of feelings. Her smile changed my world. She hates to lose and seems stronger than any other girl, but the truth is, even when it’s difficult, she never gives up…”

Yuuto continues,

“I want to see her smile. When she’s suffering, I want to be at her side to support her. Like you, I want to protect her. She is the most important person in the world to me.”


Ibuuki is moved, but tries to hide it.

“Hmph, you’re a smooth talker.” He says flippantly.

Yuuto bows and then exits to find Hayate. As Ibuuki reflects on Yuuto words, there is a little shrine with a photo of his and Hayate’s dead mom.

Outside, Hayate is walking around thinking about how clueless her brother is and how she’s never gonna listen to him again. As she passes a park, a soccer ball hits her on the head. Some little boys are playing soccer in the park.

One asks her to return the ball and Hayate tells the boys not to play so close to the street. Yuuto finally arrives at the park where he finds Hayate having a great time playing soccer with the little boys.


Upon seeing Yuuto, she exits the game and sits on a park bench with Yuuto. She says she feels refreshed and then starts reminiscing about the past. She explains to Yuuto,

“My big brother wasn’t always like this. He was often mistaken for a girl and teased because of it. Our parents couldn’t stand by and do nothing, so they made him enroll in the soccer club. I often came to watch with out mom. She would bring snacks.”


In a flashbash, young Ibuuki complains about his mom bringing pancakes as a snack, saying that they are dry. Toddler Hayate explains that she likes her mom’s pancakes. Their mom tells Hayate to eats lots of pancakes so she can grow big. Hayate says she wants to grow up soon so she can play soccer with Ibuuki. Hayate is a natural as a toddler and learns soccer skills by observation and mimicry. Her mom is impressed and says,

“Just what I expect from my girl!!”

Seishun_Away_Chp_8_009_little hayate.JPG

And then she hugs both of her children tightly, much to Ibuuki’s boyish irritation. Their mom allows Hayate to join the soccer club too and tells Ibuuki that he, as big brother, is to take care of his little sister. Hayate crashes the field and gets squished under one of the boys. Ibuuki puts her on his back and carries her home despite her protestations.

Now the focus is on Ibuuki in the present day. He’s making pancake batter and recalling the death of their mom and how he promised to protect Hayate and make her the happiest girl in the world.


Again, he reflects upon Yuuto’s words as he thinks about his own promise to protect Hayate. He concludes this time, in his effort to protect Hayate, he actually hurt her. He runs out the house to find Hayate too.

Back to Hayate and Yuuto talking on the park bench, she asks Yuuto,

“Is it foolish to want him to like what I like?”


Yuuto explains,

“It’s not like that. Before he knew anything about me, your brother probably was already a little lonely.”

He further adds,

“I’m jealous because no one in my family cares about me to be lonely.  That’s why I’m happy you’re teaching me about soccer. I enjoy it so much that I bought a soccer ball.”

Hayate expresses surprise at the revelation and says,

“No wonder it seems like you’ve been getting better!! You’ve been practicing in secret!!”

Yuuto feigns innocence, but Hayate says,

“Don’t lie to me!”

She thinks to herself,

“This is the kind of guy I want Buu to get to know.”

Yuuto then notices that it’s starting to get cold and says he’s going to buy some warm drinks. Hayate, of course has no money. Hayate notices that the boys are playing near the street again and one of the boys loses control of the ball and runs into the street to get it. There’s an oncoming car, so Hayate springs into action to save the boy. At the same time, Ibuuki runs around the corner to see Yuuto running toward the street to save both Hayate and the boy from the oncoming car.


Yuuto tackles and shields them in time. He scolds Hayate for running into oncoming traffic and says that he can’t keep his eyes off her. He then adds,

“If something happened to you, my heart couldn’t take it”.



Upon seeing this, Ibuuki finally understands that he’s not the only one protecting Hayate. He now knows that Yuuto won’t hesitate to run out and shield Hayate from danger. Ibuuki thanks Yuuto for protecting his sister and grudgingly invites him to have pancakes, using the excuse of excess batter. Ibuuki says he accepts Hayate and Yuuto’s relationship but insists that they keep it pure.

On the way home, Hayate complains,

“He’s gonna put soymilk in them. He always puts soymilk in.”

Something finally clicks in Yuuto’s mind. He says to Hayate,

“I get it… Soybeans have lots of calcium and magnesium in them. Those are nutrients that promote bone growth. It’s what people take when they want to grow taller.” Yuuto continues, “Maybe he wants you to grow. His pancakes are full of the hopes he has for you.”

Then there’s a flashblack to young Ibuuki asking a granny about what foods will make kids get bigger. The granny tells him milk and soybeans, which Ibuuki’s young mind concludes is soy milk.

Hayate reflects on growing up and now sees that Ibuuki has done everything for her sake. She runs up behinds Ibuuki and tackles him. As he gets up, Hayate says,

“Thank you for everything.”

This sends Ibuuki into heaven. He turns to Yuuto to boast,

“Did you hear that, you jerk?! Did you hear that?!! She loves me more!!”

Yuuto doesn’t know how to respond.

Now at home, Yuuto and Hayate are eating Ibuuki’s pancakes. Ibuuki doesn’t like that Yuuto is sitting in his seat beside Hayate, but then Yuuto agrees with Hayate that the pancakes are delicious, so all is forgiven.

Ending the chapter, Hayate thinks,

“There’s no greater happiness than the guys I like getting along together.”Seishun_Away_Chp_8_017_all_eat_pancakes.JPG

The End of Chapter 8

This is the new format I would like to go with for series that I would normally scanlate. Please give me feedback so I can improve the experience. I’m still working on how to smoothly integrate narration.

9 thoughts on “Seishun Away Chapter 8

  1. I was actually worried about how I would be able to read this series when I saw your post about live twitter thingy earlier. As I don’t use twitter or of the sort. While I do miss being able to just read the wonderful hard work you put into scanalating, I do understand why you are doing it. I actually always buy the digital copy from amazon so I can support the Mangaka, but we all know almost everyone else doesn’t do that.
    I still really appreciate you doing this. I can’t wait to read more!

    Thank you so much!

    ~long time silent reader.

    1. I thought a long time last night about how to move forward. I enjoy live tweeting when I reading fluff from the magazines, but I felt the projects we were working on deserved more care. What I did for Seishun 8 was much faster than scanlation and much more fulfilling for me because translation and adaptation were what I liked best about scanlation. I hope this format works for most people who were following our series. I also hope this allows me to read more manga and do more manga blogging.

  2. This is an interesting concept, however it still leaves out much of the charm the original manga had. I’d look to whom I had read her last game summaries. It may not be the direction you’re heading, and I don’t wish to force you to do something you wouldn’t like, but for my first critique of the new format, I must give it a thumbs down but hopeful for improvement. I also must point out that I may be biased because the final 3 extras of kanojo weren’t scanlated.

    1. Thank you??? Hmm… I’m not a fan of that format. The images aren’t in English, there are too many images, and in everything is too small. The idea is not to post all of the pages (people will scrape the raw images and that hurts the artist more than English language scanlation). That defeats the point and I might as well go back to scanlation.

      1. I guess I came off a little too cryptic, I guess the lack of pictures from the manga makes this feel like a light novel, rather than a graphic novel. Yeah, that’s the best way to put it. I hate novels but I love comics, and there’s a disconnect with words and a sweet picture and a manga filled with nothing but key frames of important information. I believe the comicstorian on youtube put it best, he breaks down a comic to its key components and then feeds it back to the audience in a transformative manor. My recommendation is to put more photos, especially of just cutouts of important scenes, so the immersive experience of a comic isn’t lost.

        1. Thanks for the clarification. My point is to only use the key images and to give that light novel feel. I think in this case it’s a matter of preference and an indication that I need to improve my descriptive writing skills. If you are a highly visual person, my suggestion is to buy the Japanese manga so you can see all of the images :). Throw the mangaka a bone, yeah?

  3. Have been waiting for so long for this serie continuation that nearly forgot (almost). Since it is about soccer, was expecting some chapters to be launched during this year World Cup, lmao, that would have been amazing, specially since you made one about valentine day celebration, well, in valentine day.
    But fair enough, hope you keep doing a great work. Best regards.

  4. Erm, just to ask a thing, could you point out which page the dialogues you translated are located, so I can read the manga while checking the correct page? (Honestly I would rather get the original copy to have it in hands and read a scanlation, but I think that this can work too, somehow…)

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