Initial Exploration into Josei

In an effort to find some more mature content for Omari’s Sister and Bakeneko’s Lair, I’ve been exploring josei manga.  By “mature” I don’t mean sexual and violent content. What I mean is content that revolves around women who are older than teenagers or stories that do not take place in high school or junior high. It’s been a hard genre to research because so much it is what I’d consider pornographic, and apparently so does US Customs, because certain magazines will get caught in US Customs for DAYS. And then there’s the age difference manga that may get you … Continue reading Initial Exploration into Josei

Some Thoughts on Josei Manga

I’ve been following the Tumblrs and Twitter feeds of US and Japanese publishers. Lately Kodansha USA has been answering fan questions.  You should check out their Tumblr (LINK). This morning there is some discussion about josei manga. It seems the observation is josei manga doesn’t do well in the US despite many attempts.  The exception is “Nana”. This got me thinking about my limited exposure to josei manga. First of all, I get bored with josei manga quickly. “Nana” got on my nerves, “Butterflies and Flowers” got repetitive and I didn’t finish the series. I don’t even look at anything … Continue reading Some Thoughts on Josei Manga

Conflicted Rambling

Ugh… it seems that I have a Murphies affliction. As soon as I announce and ramp up to start new series and oneshots, past oneshots become series, past short series become indefinite, and series that were on hiatus resume. Of course these are occasions for celebration, but at the same time, my new series plans just went out the window. The other option is for us to go back to being one of those groups with too much on their plate to do timely regular releases. This is particularly frustrating because we’re well into starting these series and oneshots and … Continue reading Conflicted Rambling

Please Boycott MangaFox and Other Manga Aggregators

Update 3/08/2013 — Mangafox was cooperating with us, but this week, Mangafox still won’t remove our releases after 2 requests this week… My only beef is that I nicely asked MF to remove our work. If any mangaka asked us to stop translating their work, we would stop. It’s common courtesy. All they have to do is stop uploading our work and remove our work when we ask. MF has plenty of “contributors” that willingly upload their own work. They don’t need our work.————————————–MangaFox has shut the part of their forum that allows scanlation groups to request takedowns of their … Continue reading Please Boycott MangaFox and Other Manga Aggregators

Dear Fans, Before you Criticize a Scanlation Group…

I need to get this off my chest because I cannot believe the level of entitlement some fans exhibit. So if you are a “fan” and you are angry that your favorite series isn’t being released at your beckon call, keep these three points in mind. You are getting translated manga for free.  For Omari’s Sister, the average single chapter of a series or oneshot requires 40 man-hours of work. 40 HOURS! This is not something that gets done in an afternoon. And the people who do this work are highly skilled artists and translators that could be using these … Continue reading Dear Fans, Before you Criticize a Scanlation Group…

Looking Forward to 2013 at Omari’s Sister

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a safe and fun holiday season. I’ve been taking a short break from OS since finishing “Ojousama no Untenshu.” I played and beat Torchlight II and watched some movies with hubby. I recommend “Cabin in the Woods.” It was a very clever play on horror movie tropes. “Ted”…well…my husband liked it a lot more than I did. I felt that it was too much of a “man movie” for me. If you can marathon “Family Guy,” then you’ll love “Ted.” Me…I’m sorta a “Family Guy” in the background kind of person. I … Continue reading Looking Forward to 2013 at Omari’s Sister

2012 Omari’s Sister Retrospective

Before writing about 2013, let’s take a look back at 2012! The busiest day: June 4th Top 25 Visiting Countries (Thanks to all of you from around the world!):     USA (CA, NY, MA, TX, FL)     Canada     France     Philippines     Indonesia     Australia     Germany     UK     Malaysia     Singapore     Spain     Poland     Italy     Brazil     Thailand     Mexico     Russia     Argentina     Hungary     Saudi Arabia     Japan (HUH????)     Vietnam     Netherlands     Finlad     Chile Comments: People from 174 countries viewed Omari’s Sister in 2012! I find it amazing … Continue reading 2012 Omari’s Sister Retrospective