Ongoing Series Announcements

Update 11/9/2015 — Some clarification on “Seishun Kickoff” was provided in Hana to Yume. For now the series has only been extended for 3 more chapters. However, we’ve seen this pattern this before, so I’m not willing to say those 3 chapters will necessarily be all of “Seishun Kickoff”. I imagine if it’s popular, it will continue like many other Hana to Yume series that started off as oneshots like “Pochamani”.

Despite this news, there is no plan to change the planned series suspensions.

Some changes are coming to Crimson Flower in the wake of “Seiten Kickoff” moving to Hana to Yume and changing its name to “Seishun Away”. This means there will be up to two chapters per month of “Seishun Away”. I would like to keep up with this series, but in order to do so, we must suspend some other series. Suspended series aren’t dropped, rather they will be worked on when we have a lull in the schedule. However, if another group wants to take over a suspended series, we will gladly drop it.

So going forward, the series we translate regularly are:

  • “Kanojo ni Naru Hi”
  • “Kanojo ni Naru Hi — Another”
  • “Sabaku no Harem”
  • “Koori no Joou” (“The Ice Queen”)
  • “Seiten Kickoff” / “Seishun Away”
  • “Petite Peche” (Only two chapters left)
  • Oneshots

These are the series we are suspending:

  • “Bread & Butter”
  • “Magical Change”
  • “Yuurei Apaato Kanrinin”

2 thoughts on “Ongoing Series Announcements

    1. Yep. That series is going to hurt! But Hana to Yume image quality is a little better now, so that’s a positive. But we’ll see how an artist who was doing oneshots every three months or so handles that pace. I’m sure it’ll average out to once every 4 – 6 weeks. Series often do a burst of 3 or 4 chapters and then break for 4 – 8 weeks.

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