Orange Chocolate Chapter 13

Here is “Orange Chocolate” chapter 13.  Just a note so you’ll be aware as you read this, the narrator changes to Ritsu towards the end of the chapter (pg 37-ish).  It’s hard to convey this in English since English has no male or female version of “I.”  Anyhow, this chapter starts to give us insight into Ritsu thinking and into Chiro’s seemingly surprising confession.  Link: Orange Chocolate Chp 13 (update 5/31/2010 minor correction from Kuma-chan) Kimi no XOXO Update Update 5/31: Things have picked up quite a bit now that the fairy creature appeared.  The sweetness is quickly going away…yippee!!!!  … Continue reading Orange Chocolate Chapter 13

Orange Chocolate Chapter 11

Here is Orange Chocolate chapter 11.  Enjoy the kitsunes in their human forms.  Personally, I like them both together because they are a matched set like Chiro and Ritsu. Link to Orange Chocolate Chapter 11 Chapter 12 is an important chapter that you don’t want to miss!  But before that we will release the last chapter of “Kaichou-san no Koneko”  which will include two very short special stories. Continue reading Orange Chocolate Chapter 11

Orange Chocolate Chapter 9

Update 4/21/2010:  Kuma-chan found some small errors and I’ve corrected them, so now everything should be good to go!  Hoorays for Kuma-chan and Toune86!!!————————————————— I’d like to get one more set of eyes on this before releasing,  but…I guess it’s okay…I hope.  Anyhow, here’s “Orange Chocolate” chapter 9.  To those folks who are overly-eager uploaders, please wait until the 23nd such that if there are changes made, you get the latest version. Link to Orange Chocolate Chapter 9 Next up is “Ouran High School Host Club” Chapter 80.  Until I get the raw (it should arrive Friday afternoon at my … Continue reading Orange Chocolate Chapter 9

Orange Chocolate Chapter 8

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help proofread!  I now have a nice pool of proofreaders, so, hopefully, I won’t have any emergencies soon.  Recruitment, though is still open.  I also need a back-up translator, so if you know a fair amount of Japanese and want to help, sent me an e-mail (link). And now onto why your here, Orange Chocolate chapter 8! Link to “Orange Chocolate” Chapter 8 I like this chapter because Chiro’s reaction to recent events are uniquely “Chiro” and quite funny.  She has her own strange view of the world ;p. It looks like I’ve got … Continue reading Orange Chocolate Chapter 8

Orange Chocolate Chapter 7

Here is Orange Chocolate chapter 7. Link to “Orange Chocolate” Chapter 7 At the end of this, it seems the story is taking a turn.  I haven’t read ahead of this to understand where to, but  I hope it’s someplace good.  Anyhow, this chapter is full of lovely images of Ritsu and Chiro in traditional costumes.  It was a tough chapter to edit, so please give thanks to Silver Lunar and Sephyna who did a great deal to help get this chapter out in a timely manner :). It looks like I have a few days before Lala issue 5/2010 … Continue reading Orange Chocolate Chapter 7

Orange Chocolate Chapter 6

Here’s Orange Chocolate Chapter 6.  Some minor changes were made to the pages I released for the preview, so make sure you read the the whole thing.  We finally get to the beginning of Chiro and Ritsu’s dance.  I apologize now for the nasty cliffhanger. Link to Orange Chocolate Chp 6 (Folks who want to upload to manga aggregator websites, please wait until 3/13/2010 just in case a change or two happens) Next up is very short Hana-Kimi omake from Sept 2008.  It’s only 8 pages, so it shouldn’t take too long once I start translating it (I plan to … Continue reading Orange Chocolate Chapter 6