Orange Chocolate Chapter 8

Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help proofread!  I now have a nice pool of proofreaders, so, hopefully, I won’t have any emergencies soon.  Recruitment, though is still open.  I also need a back-up translator, so if you know a fair amount of Japanese and want to help, sent me an e-mail (link).

And now onto why your here, Orange Chocolate chapter 8!

Link to “Orange Chocolate” Chapter 8

I like this chapter because Chiro’s reaction to recent events are uniquely “Chiro” and quite funny.  She has her own strange view of the world ;p.

It looks like I’ve got a few days until I get the raw for ZHD, so we’ll start working on “Kaicho-san no Koneko” and I will work on my websites.

10 thoughts on “Orange Chocolate Chapter 8

  1. You are all welcome! I'm happy that we are able to bring this delightful to you all :).

    Chp 9 looks like it has a bit a drama as Ritsu comes to terms with his side of the wish. You may want to prepare a hanky or two…

    I also peeked a head to find out the significance of what's in the bag. It's the cliched outcome, but do I really care? Sometimes the expected sweet outcome can be best :).

    As for Ukon and Sakon, … haha…I anticipate *grinz* from Pyro-chan! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

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