Happy Valentine’s Day

Cute Red Panda says, “happy Valentine’s Day everyone!” Viz unleashed some wonderful news for us shoujo and josei lovers today.  They have licensed four series near and dear to a lot of our hearts.  The series are:

  • “Yoroshiku Master” which they are localizing to “Sweet Rein”
  • “Seiyuu-ka!!” which they are localizing to “Voice Over!”
  • “The Midnight Secretary”
  • “Hapi Mari?!” which they are localizing to “Happy Marriage?!”

Here’s link to the official Shojo Beat announcement on Facebook (LINK) and some additional information on the series from ANN (LINK)

Let’s give Shojo Beat our support by purchasing these books so we can get more wonderful licenses like these.

I don’t have a special for you today because we’ve been directing our effort towards unfinished projects. I thought about releasing “Furou Kyoudai” today, but that would have been creepy, so I’ll hold on to it.  Anyhow… we have done some romantic oneshots in the past, so let’s celebrate with five of my favorite!

It looks like we’ll have a flurry of releases toward the end of the month as we wrap up “Fushigi no Maria-kun” and “Furou Kyoudai”.

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