Water-Themed One-Shot: "Kaizokuhime" ("Pirate Princess") by Yuki Shiwasu

Before we get to the one-shot, I need to do some advertising.  We need an experienced advanced-level Japanese to English translator for “Akagami no Shirayukihime.”  We will be working from the tankoubon from now on, however, if the translator wishes, he or she may translate from the magazine so as not to be bombarded with multiple chapters at once.  Also, the translator can work on other OS projects at their own leisure. We are also recruiting Cleaners and Redraw Artists.  Please see our recruitment page for more details.——————————  Now onto the one-shot!  You may recognize the name of the mangaka, … Continue reading Water-Themed One-Shot: "Kaizokuhime" ("Pirate Princess") by Yuki Shiwasu

One-Shot: "Furou Kyoudai" The Long Version

Phew! We managed to get this done before Thanksgiving madness goes full-swing!  Anyhow, here is the long version of Furou Kyoudai!  The story is the same as short version, however, there’s more detail and character development.  I really enjoy this sibling pair and I hope Hakusensha allows Shiwasu-sensei to turn this into a series. Links to the long version of “Furou Kyoudai”: (Zip) (PDF) There is a 40-page follow on “Furou Kyoudai” one-shot.  We will try to release it early in the new year. Next up is J+K and Magnolia.   December will be nuts because of the holidays and vacation … Continue reading One-Shot: "Furou Kyoudai" The Long Version