Oneshot: "Sokkuri Mate" ("Matched Pair") by Yuki Shiwasu

This is something a little different from Yuki Shiwasu. We’re used to her doing horror comedies and piratey stuff.  She has another high school oneshot, which is quite good, but it has horrendous redraws, so we haven’t gotten to it yet. (It’s the same reason we haven’t gotten around to “Unknown Madousho”– I’ve been trying to give the group a little break.) Haha…hmm… Anyhow, the drawing style of this oneshot is similar to the other high school oneshot.  I like this style much more because the hair is so luxurious and lovingly drawn.  The storytelling is her usual cute comedy, so if you like “Furou Kyoudai”, you’ll like this oneshot too. (My brain is super-farty tonight, so I hope I just didn’t write a paragraph of complete gibberish.)

On now onto the release!
Links to “Sokkuri Mate”: (Zip) (PDF)

A note on the English title — Yes, it’s not a direct translation. We know that. We thought this was much easier to understand in English than the direct J to E translation “Just Like Mate”  or something similar — ???

Next up will be the Nao Tsukiji oneshots! We have 4 of them lined up for you…but…we may only get 3 of them done before the 26th (fingers crossed for “Ongaku Mieru Otoko”). If we don’t get them done before the 26th, we’ll release it as soon as we can along with “Jinrou Chronicle” (there’s a good chance the first part will be release on the 26th ^^ — Haha! 150-pages and just me doing it is well…yikes!!!)

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