Ouran Chp 78 Translation

Thanks to Natirein, page 26 is fixed!!!  Drastic changes were made and hopefully, this part of the chapter makes a lot more sense.  Beyond the changes made to page 26, I don’t expect there to be any more “drastic” changes to the current translation.  Regardless, we are currently checking the rest of the translation and, hopefully, we will release the final edit early next week.

Because this is not the final edit, I ask that you refrain from uploaded this file to any of the manga aggregator sites.  I will upload the file myself, when I think I’m ready too.  I expect the final version of this translation to be ready early next week.  But until then:

Link to Ouran Chp 78 Version 0.6 (updated 01/24/2009) — minor edits…we’re almost there, ETA Wednesday 01/27/2010)

We’re still working out the new translation quality check process ;p.  Hopefully, next time it will go more smoothly :).

And, for those of you tired of the drama, I feel your pain…

3 thoughts on “Ouran Chp 78 Translation

  1. I have to say the drama is a bit much. Realistically, someone who has seperated you from you mother, prevented you from even seeing her, stop you from playing with your friends. And generally treated you badly. Would you feel that sad if that person had lost their position in some company? Of course not – you might be overly nice to people but seriously this is stretching it.Especially if the person is rich and doesnt need that position to survive. In fact you might even feel happy for that person. After all, at that age finally geting a rest and retiring isnt that what alot of people dream of?

    He finally gets to see his mother that he hasnt seen in years. He should be over the moon.

  2. To bob… I understand Tamaki in this. Partially, because he is Tamaki. Ever since his childhood, his grandmother not liking him has been something that stuck in his mind and one of the main things he wanted to change. His number one dream, as he revealed to Haruhi, is the 4 of them being together happily. Just recently, he discovered that a big source of his grandmother's unhappiness and coldness are her trust issues. For years, she could trust no one and lived a lonely life. Well, after what Yuzuru just did, Tamaki knows that there is a good chance that her heart is closed for good and she won't open up to even him. So now, he is trying extra hard because family is so important to him and that is all he can do. I get that.
    What I do not like so much is Haruhi. She feels like a stock character. I feel like Hatori says “Let's just pull Haruhi out to be a little worried and comment in concern and then stuff her back!” Even in the Yuzuru confrontation, she had hardly anything to say. Kyouya was carrying the conversation. Speaking of which, he got so angry. Why do you think that is? I'm starting to think he relates to Tamaki more on the family issue than he lets on.

  3. @Crimson: I wholeheartedly agree with you on Haruhi. This chapter pissed me off! I wanted Haruhi to be the one to get mad and explain to Yuzuru what is going on with Tamaki. She should have freaked out at his weight loss when they were at his house if she really is in love with him. But she did nothing but act like a luggage and take up space acting =_=. Why didn't she get mad that Yuzuru tried to manipulate Kousaka through her past relationship with her parents. Oh, and then her attitude — eventually everything will work out =_= so I don't have to expend any energy….UGH!!! What the heck is Hatori doing!!? “Spark the sun,” already!!! Climb the fence, Haruhi, and feed your boy some of your average home cooking!!!

    And then having Haruhi confess next? In reality confessing to someone when they are that emotionally messed up back-fires horribly. People don't have any room in their hearts for another person when they are dealing with issues like those Tamaki is dealing with. I hope for goodness sake, Haruhi, in the next chapter counters, Hikaru and says the timing now is very bad because the only person on Tamaki's mind is Shizue. Isn't that why Haruhi went back to being “the old Haruhi” in the first place. She should wait on the confession, support Tamaki anyway she can, and go study abroad with Kyouya (especially if she gonna act =_= about the situation). Tamaki will come around to get her when he's good and ready. UGH!!!


    I am glad that Anne-Sophie shows up in the end. I hope she gives Yuzuru and generous hug and kiss, followed by a bit– slap for what he's done to Tamaki and his own mother. If anyone can get through to Yuzuru, it will be Anne-Sophie. I think it's the same for Tamaki. She will get him to also sympathize with Yuzuru (since Haruhi is to busy taking up empty space). She may also help turn Shizue around.

    Yeah, and what's the deal with Kyouya? Where's his Mom? Is she dead or did she abandon them?

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