English Licensed Manga Removed from Aggregator Sites

Well, it’s begun…So far I’ve noticed that series licensed by Viz have been removed from MangaFox.  Good for Viz!  I know some of you who read scanlations are quite upset and I feel bad for those of you who cannot access these series without scanlation.  Viz, though, has to protect its market in the US.

Hopefully, once the manga aggregators purge their sites of licensed series, the pressure will be relieved and we can continue to enjoy series that are new outside-of-Japan or too niche-y to license outside of Japan.
Update:  It’s interesting to see what manga/manhwa rose to the top after of the popularity stack after MangaFox removed the Viz licensed titles.  Most of the top series are Shoujo.  Honestly, this seems quite healthy to me because many of these titles I’ve never explored and now that they are exposed, maybe I’ll give them a read.

5 thoughts on “English Licensed Manga Removed from Aggregator Sites

  1. @incrivelmenteperto — yes, this is awful timing. To be honest, I don't know what to do. Viz is a full two years behind the Japanese release of Ouran. With the full archive of the scanlated version of the series removed from the Internet, I don't see how having the latest chapters posted matters as long as they are removed before the actual books goes on sale. This wouldn't be an issue if Viz would catch up at least to volume 16. But volume 15 is scheduled to release in December!!! UGH!!! How on Earth do they intend to hold an audience's attention with a release schedule that ridiculous!?

    Anyhow,…I'm monitoring the situation and we'll see where things are with scanlation towards of the end of July. If I don't feel comfortable releasing a scanlation, then I will at least do a very detail write-up on the chapter along with some choice images.

  2. I've been monitoring the situation myself, and it seems to me that it's all about the “oh-poor-me-publisher”. Let us be very clear here, bottom line for these publisher houses consists of dollars and cents, not the people that make up manga fandom. Unfortunately, there's no one out there looking after the interest of the manga consumer.
    And I agree with Omari's Sister, it would be nice if viz or tokyopop or any of these legit publishers were to get their act together and release titles in a timely manner.
    There's one manga I've been following which has completed its run in Japan two years ago, but it's not scheduled for release here until the year 2035! I DO hope it's a typo!

  3. @Karent79 — I don't think those series were ever removed. There is some tension and chaos over at MF. Somethings have been removed but others have not. Now both publishers and scanlation teams are requesting the removal of material.

    I myself am considering the notion removing material from aggregation sites because I don't like the idea of another entity profiting off of work I am consciously giving away for free. But, currently, requests are being ignored, so I'm waiting for the sites to implode. I expect this to happen rather quickly if the sites don't cooperate with the publishing consortium.

    My hopes now are on the OpenManga concept or something like it.

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