Ouran High School Host Club Chp 81 Previews

I decided to break up the previews and the project announcement into two separate postings.  The project posting won’t be finished until tomorrow because it requires a lot of detailed work.  Anyhow, here are the previews from Lala magazine.

Update 7/28/2010 — the only Ouran freebie I can confirm is the drama CD that is coming with Lala 10.

It looks like there will be at least 3 (including chapter 81) more chapters and with each chapter starting at issue 10 there will be a special Ouran freebie included inside Lala magazine.  The first freebie will be a CD with favorite quotes from the Ouran anime series. The project is a 3 part fan project with prizes that will be raffled off.  I will translate most of the project announcement because it is a very nice retrospective on the series.  I will put that out tomorrow.

Some thoughts on chapter 81:
From the preview, it looks like Hatori is done with the Suoh family drama and is now moving on to resolve Tama x Haru.
It seems like the matters with Kyouya’s family and his situation are going to be neglected :(.  That kinda sucks.  Who knows, though, maybe Hatori will throw in a quick surprise that will wrap that up too.  Anyhow, I’m happy that after a 3-month break we are going to get a nice long chapter.  I hope the remaining chapters are just as long since it’s feels like there is plenty of story left to cover.

12 thoughts on “Ouran High School Host Club Chp 81 Previews

  1. Grr… I was really hoping chapter 81 would come out June 24. It's going to be a really long wait 'til July 24! 😦 And I agree, Kyoya's story should have a conclusion too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

  2. I also do hope that there is something other than Tama x Haru but, to be perfectly honest I'm not holding my breath, 'tis a shoujo afterall…

    I imagine that she's going to focus on them dating and all that jazz :/

    But I wonder why something would be weird between them? For me that doesn't make any sense, and makes me think that Hatori is trying to bring in more drama for the sakle of drama

  3. @stjet — well, according to Hatori's blog, the next chapter will revisit the events that happen just before the last page of chapter 80 (I'll get around to translating the full text of the blog entry soon — most of it appears to be a rehash of the news about the “Ouran Final Party,” details of the drama CD, and the sad news that no second season of Ouran is planned). As for the strangeness between Tamaki and Haruhi — well, they were already EXTREMELY nervous and awkward around each other, so why would it be any different now that Haruhi has confessed? So, yeah, in short, I would venture to guess it will be a return to the slapstick after the chapter 80 revisit.

    Ouran Freebies — it's a little confusing because according to the back page of Lala 8, the Lala 9 freebie will be a “Kaichou wa Maid-sama” supplementary DVD for the anime series. Plus, according to the insert about the “Ouran Final Party” the first of the 3 Ouran freebies will be the drama CD in issue 10. It's not clear to me whether the 3 consecutive freebies have any connection with the number of chapters left in Ouran and according to Hatori's blog, Ouran resumes in Lala 9 with chapter 81. So for now, I will leave it “at least 3 chapters” left (though I suspect, including chp 81 there are 4 chapters — but I guess we'll see).

  4. I cannot wait! i really hope it will be on onemanga! I dont want the date to be perfect, cause then it would be boring! i want there to be atleast a couple funny parts! =D I WAS kinda hopin it would come out june 24, but i guess its worth the wait! I'm really excited to see what happens after the date and if the other members of the host club will follow them like they did with hikaru XD

  5. @-Sandstorm=D …uh, you have the wrong translation group…check the credits on the OneManga version of “Ouran” and send them your comment :).

    As for Omari's Sister, out of respect for Bisco Hatori and Viz, we will not be actively posting our scanlation of Ouran 81 to any manga aggregation sites. Our scanlation will only be actively released on this blog and it will only be available for a limited time.

  6. @Sandstorm=D — oh, goodness! There's no way I can release this tomorrow. It's 51 pages and I just got the raw 2-days ago! I'm fast, but I'm not that fast! I will, however, put out another spoiler/teaser. As of now, the current ETA is 7/31. I will change the date if I think I can get it out sooner.

    I haven't decided on a duration yet, but it will be on this blog no longer than 1-month after the release of the final chapter.

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