New Poll: What to do with Joshua?

First of all:

He’s definitely earned the “boo-boo” face from me ;p.

I honestly never though Joshua could be so despicable.   Yet, he’s so pathetic that I can’t completely hate him.  It’s like, “There, there little monkey.  What happened?  Not enough hugs?”  And, yet, I want to leap into the pages and beat Joshua senseless when I think about poor Johanne who is now imprisoned in a comfy jail awaiting execution or rescue or the perfect time to escape in order to, perhaps, finish what he started at the end of chapter 14.  (I’m having popcorn while translating if Johanne flies the coop.  Personally, I was looking forward to commando-style Yuda — eep! That came out wrong…)  Anyhow…I’m a nice person who doesn’t condone fictional murder, but believes in a good fictional sack beating for those characters who deserve it.  However, I want to know how you all feel.  Does Joshua need a sack beating (2 varieties to choose from), a hug, or to die a convenient “Disney Death?”  Take the poll!  Leave comments if you want to talk about Joshua or anything ZHD chp 17.

4 thoughts on “New Poll: What to do with Joshua?

  1. Bionic Yuda!! XD XD I'll ask someone to draw that, maybe~~
    Sometimes i don't like for characters that are well written and have a justified(??) motive to simply die as their end.
    Maybe because i do like said characters and would like for them to have an epic confrontation at the climax of the story, or it is just that i find killing characters off is a cheap way of getting rid of them when the writer doesn't know what to do with them after they served their purpose in the story.

  2. @SL — good points! Joshua is a great villain! And I do want him redeemed because there is a reason he's twisted. Perhaps a few hugs could cure him. Joshua could, also, choose to be loved by pardoning his brother. But alas…I'm so mad at him right now, that all I can think about is a good fictional sack beating ;p.

  3. I don't want him to die….

    Non-bias reason: He's the eldest bro… a lot is supposed to be expected from him… but he's weak/ill. I think he feels worse for that compare to the people who are disappointed on him. His family still loves him no matter what but they're not exactly helping him directly… so he won't get it. I doubt they even interact with him much, making their distance greater. And now he becomes influenced by the wrong people. He discovers about the bad things on such wrong timing…

    I don't like what he's doing to his brother, but I really feel sorry for him ^^; The dude's broken. I can forgive characters who do such acts because of those reasons but not those who are like that because of plain stupidity =_=

    Bias reason: I can't hate goodlooking elder siblings of my favorite characters. =P Mwahahahahaha!

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