Orange Chocolate Chp 14 + Wallpaper!

Rejoice!  Sephyna has made “Orange Chocolate” fans a lovely wallpaper for this release!

Thanks Sephyna!

Here’s “Orange Chocolate” chapter 14.  This is the lead-in to a new story arc and the introduction of some new characters.

Link to “Orange Chocolate” chapter 14 (wallpaper included!)

Chapter 15 and 16 are really fun and have some wonderful illustrations.  I can’t wait to bring those chapters to you. 

Next up is “Kimi ni XOXO” chapter 2.  So far the chapter is good and I think I will be sticking with this series.

8 thoughts on “Orange Chocolate Chp 14 + Wallpaper!

  1. thank you for the new chapter.. ooh new story arc. and the wallpaper is lovely!! chiro will suddenly look so beautiful in some scenes, and then go back to looking cute ❤

  2. It's more like lots of “Cute Chiro” and “Handsome Ritsu” fanservice. The next two chapters will be “Alice in Wonderland” themed. The drawings are very nice!

    It's interesting to bring up “Cute Chiro” vs. “Beautiful Chiro.” Hmm…I wonder if by the end of the series Chiro will be “Beautiful” rather than “Cute?”

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