Ouran 81 Spoiler

I know you want it, so here it is (image). But don’t look at it if you don’t want the chapter to be spoiled. This chapter includes lots of moments like this.

While translating chapter 81, I noticed I had a small brainfart in chapter 80 on page 18 (should be “living” instead of “leaving” — probably bad handwriting on my post-it notes).   I updated chapter 80 to match the flashback text in chapter 81.  Sorry about that.  Since “leaving” was spelled correctly it got passed the spell checker and so the error wasn’t caught.  It doesn’t change anything in the story, but it does make Haruhi’s plea to Tamaki a tad more powerful.

Link in updated chp 80

24 thoughts on “Ouran 81 Spoiler

  1. Had to look, too tempting ^____^
    Sooooo happy. I was sooo hoping he would do it but was afraid he would turn into baka Tamaki instead^^
    Thanks for sharing

  2. @hakanai — oh, before this, there's PLENTY of baka-Tama and baka-Haruhi. Actually, I think the baka scene before this is a bit forced and out of place…I really don't like back peddling or rewriting history…but, it's what we all expect ;p.

  3. Like Hakanai, I had to look and now, it will be so hard to wait ^-^
    but if i think about that, I'm waiting for years for an evolution in their relation! So I can wait a little bit more ^-^
    (and sorry, I'm not very great when it comes to write in english…)

  4. @Aude H — I'm kinda sad that there will only be a few chapters in which we get to see Tamaki and Haruhi in love. It kinda sucks because they are extremely cute together. I'd love to see a spin-off series that follows some of the characters into early adulthood.

  5. OMG da spoiler!!!:O
    Where do you get the raws?I'm looking everywhere for the Ouran's and the KWMS (if you now what I mean)
    Thank you, thanks for scanlating, and for the spoiler xD Bye!!C:

  6. A spin-off series, that's a great idea!!! I like Tamaki and Haruhi and I can't wait to see these two together but I'm very curious about the others (I'm very fond of the twins)…
    In any case, I'm very grateful for your work, it's always a pleasure to read you 🙂

  7. I see C: thanks anyway. And you're right, there's been a lot of trouble with the raws and licensed mangas laltely, sooo…it's comprehensible C:
    We will we waiting (un)patiently for the scans C:

  8. OMG OMG OMG OMG *_____________*
    thats amazing!!! TT.TT i sooooo want to read it !! i'll be waiting for the translation, thank you veeery much for this and for all your hard work!!
    kisses from brazil ^^v

  9. @incrivelmenteperto and Lou — I'm working on it 🙂

    @Tatiana — Thanks for the support :). It really helps keeps me going.

    @caztocah — greetings Brazilian friend! And thank you, too, for your support!

  10. @Camille — Thanks for your support!

    Hopefully, I will finish the translation tomorrow. The middle 20-pages of the chapter are PACKED densely with dialog so it took a while to wade through it all. Hopefully, it's all downhill with the last few pages.

    I'm really sad this is ending so soon because Haruhi and Tamaki have a lot to work out as a couple. I'm starting to feel a little cheated :(.

  11. I look forward to your Ouran Chp 81 release!
    Haha, the spoiler makes me think that Tamaki or even Haruhi is actually just imagining about a kiss or something, but it looks soo real!
    It makes my heart pound soo much!
    Otsukaresama deshita!
    And of course ARIGATOU for your scanlations!

  12. I agree with you. Of course I haven't read the chapter yet, but when I knew it was going to end so soon I thought Hatori should have put Haruhi and Tamaki together sooner, since they have a lot of personal issues to overcome that can be reflected in their relationship (like Tamaki's 'trauma' remaining traces and Haruhi's emotional defficience). But maybe, just maybe, since the next chapter will be so long, we'll end up being satisfied.

    P.S – I'm the one who sent you the e-mail regarding the LaLa issues 😉

  13. @PH — I will put up another spoiler tomorrow.

    The current ETA is 7/31. I will update the date once I have a better feel for it. It's a longer than usual chapter, so it will take longer to complete than usual.

    I don't want to rush myself too much because if I do, it increases the chances that I will make mistakes…so please be patient. It will be out soon :).

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