Ouran Chp 81 Teaser #2 — Baka Tamaki

Here’s another teaser from Ouran chp 81.  This is from the first of many scenes where Tamaki is acting like an idiot.  He acts like an idiot through most of this chapter.  Personally, I think he’s far better when he gets his head screwed on right.  Anyhow, don’t look if you don’t want any of the chapter to be spoiled.

Teaser #2

Judging from my progress and pace, the entire chapter should be ready before the 31st.  For the latest updates, check the schedule page.

10 thoughts on “Ouran Chp 81 Teaser #2 — Baka Tamaki

  1. Yeah, it does seem a little out of place. But it is very cute, nonetheless. Thank you so much for posting! ♥

    Also, if you don't mind me asking, about how long should editing and cleaning take for you guys?

  2. Ah! All good things must come to an end! I just picked OUran 14 from my manga supplier and it was a lovely read! It's great to get both, to read the episodes ahead of time and then to get the manga! Your translations are right on! Hehehe! ^^

  3. LOL it is funny though, it's soooo Tamaki-ish ^_^ But poor poor Haruhi, for a first reaction she can't even tell if he likes her or not. I can imagine him being tomatoe red when he tells her he feels the same^^
    It's funny to see that even though he's the best host, he's totally clueless on how to deal with his own love. Really adorable.
    That's why he's my favourite character, so extreme!!!

  4. @zozosan — I didn't start translating Ouran until chp 71…so that praise should be pointed toward someone else. Check the credits page on the translation. I'm happy, though, you purchased a copy of the manga :).

    I freely admit my first few efforts weren't all that great (about 80% right), but I'm getting better as I continue to translate. I'm looking forward to the Viz release of volume 15 and beyond to check my work. I'm, also, very pleased at the progress I've made in just a year with the Japanese language and my Photoshop skills :). I've learned so much!

  5. @NikkuShikuu — Yeah, you would think that Tamaki would have grown some after dealing with his grandmother. It kinda seems like he shouldn't be able to go back to being that stupid. I really do like the moments when he's cool much better.

    As for cleaning and editing, I'm the only one working on it. I'm working at a good clip, so it shouldn't take too long. I don't want to give a too optimistic estimation and disappoint everyone if I miss it. I can tell you, though, It'll be ready for QC and proofreading on or before Wednesday.

    @hakanai — I guess we'll just have to wait and see about this prediction…

  6. Ahhh, it's so hard to be patient when it's sooo close!! But thank you very muchly for doing this, imagine how long we'd have to wait otherwise. o_0 I had a brief glimpse at the rest of the chapter from a Chinese scan, but it was so light I couldn't really see what was going on.

    I kind of liked the Tamaki flipping out bit… it'd be hard to imagine him being totally cool about it. That's just not Tamaki. =D

  7. Actually, I´m familiar with your translations of Arakure! Yeah! I have all 10 volumes now, sitting oh! so brightly on my manga shelf! And it was actually the scanlation of Ouran that got my interest and I started to buy the manga…
    What do you think? Will it end with 18 volumes…

  8. @zozosan — I think that's the plan. I'm not sure, though, that it's 83 chapters, unless the 83rd chapter is hella long. My feeling, though, from chp 81 is that 83 chapters will end this way too abruptly :(.

    WRT “Arakure” — uh, yes, indeed! I'm quite proud of that. Thanks for the complement and thanks for supporting the author by purchasing the manga! “Arakure,” though, isn't as challenging as “Ouran.”

    @Ivonne Maritza — Thanks for your support!

    @Moonlil — I saw the Chinese scan too. It's only half the chapter, though. Tamaki when he's being cool, is very nice.

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