Ouran High School Host Club Chp 82 Previews

Here are the previews for Ouran chapter 82

So…what do you think? Will Haruhi accept the offer to travel aboard? (Take the survey!) It is my sincerest wish that she does and that Hatori-sensei continues these characters into a spin-off series. I would hate to see the end of these characters now.   Though…I suppose, Hatori could do a big fast forward several years into the future in the last chapter. That would suck.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more of these characters after the end of Ouran.

Also, Lala 10 will include the final Ouran drama CD as one of the freebies.  If you want the drama CD, then order this issue of the magazine.  I will put up an Amazon Japan link to Lala 10 once the listing for the issue appears.

10 thoughts on “Ouran High School Host Club Chp 82 Previews

  1. @lilnugget1998 — “Ouran High School Host Club” is licensed by Viz. As such it should NOT be uploaded to any of the manga aggregation websites. I will not be uploading any translation of Ouran I do to any of the manga aggregation websites. Uploading to aggregation websites hurts the author, hurts the license holder, and profits off of free work provided by groups like this one. If you have any respect for the author and want to continue to see wonderful manga from artists like Hatori-sensei, then please respect the request not to have licensed works on manga aggregation websites and purchase the books in your country when they become available.

    The last chapters of Ouran will be available on this blog for a limited time. They will be permanently removed 1-month after the completion of the last chapter. At that point, you should purchase the books or head to the library if you want to enjoy Ouran again.

  2. um…i do have respect for the authors and such but my library has been temporarily closed down. Would you PLEASE tell me where the scan will be? i love Ouran and usually i do go to the library and read there or to the bookstore for Ouran books. The bookstore manager has informed me that they will no longer be getting Ouran HIgh School Host Club! Please reveal the info on the scans.

  3. Thank you sooo much for uploading this even if it is for a limited time,ouran is a REALLY good series, and i wouldnt beable to wait till it comes out in the books XD but i will make sure to buy the books when they come out 😀 i just wanted to thank you 🙂

  4. excuse me,correct me if i'm wrong but does the ouran drama cd really come off as a furoku?. i've read the main site of lala and i'm not sure but i read it has an extra charge of 1200 yen for the cd?.i really want it but +420 yen for lala 10 makes it 1620 yen + shipping which is a bit expensive.

  5. @mica — I'm disappointed to report that the Ouran drama CD is not included in the magazine. Rather there is an offer in the magazine to purchase it :(. It seems kinda sneaky of them to advertise it otherwise in the previews.

  6. so once the VERY FINAL chapter of ouran is out both chapters 82 and 83 will be available to read for only a month on this site?? i'm confused. so everyone can read them starting sept. 24th???

  7. @Leslie — I'm sorry for the confusion. Chapter 82 will be release within a week of today. Chapter 83 will be released toward the end of September. On October 31st, I will retire Ouran completely. That is when I will remove all my translation from this blog.

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