Junketsu + Kareshi (Pureblood + Boyfriend) Chp 2

Finally, a real vampire!  Hopefully, this series won’t go rambling off into the weeds and thicket like “Vampire Knight.”  I like the two main characters in this series and the artwork is a real pleasure to edit.  As I said in the teaser, I will continue translating this series.

[Update 10/5/2010: Small translation correction on page 36 (zip) or page 37 (PDF)]
Links:  “Junketsu + Kareshi” Chapter 2 (ZIP – high quality)(PDF – low quality but convenient)Retired

Next up is another new series from Aria called “Iiki Noki.”  Our new member, Blottyparchment did the translation.  I will do the English adaptation.  It should be out in a 3 – 5 days.

17 thoughts on “Junketsu + Kareshi (Pureblood + Boyfriend) Chp 2

  1. hellow 🙂 Just curious on page 002 the dialogue on the bottom has been flipped and I can't tell what it says.

    I think it says “could I remember that other name?”

    Please let me know. This story is a little confusing because she talks about these two boys but isn't one of them Aki the one with the bandages around his eye and his brother Eyria? So why does she talk as if she doesn't remember the name of one of the boys?

    sorry if it's just me and I'm slow 😦 but I like the story I just wish I understood it a little more.

    thanks for sharing!

  2. @mango

    -mirrored text = “would I remember that other name” As in would she have remembered “Aki.”

    -Aki is the boy with the bandages around his eyes and Eriya is the other boy. They are twins.

    -Apparently she remembers Aki because either she didn't answer Eriya or she rejected Eriya. We don't really know yet. I imagine what happened that night will be revealed as the story proceeds.

    No worries, Mango…I think this story is supposed to be a mystery.

  3. oh great I thought I was just reading the story wrong 🙂 I LOVE vampire series and so are I haven't really read any good ones except VK so I'm glad to see this one looks promising ^_____^ Thanks for the explanation I can't wait for the next chapter to see what more is revealed! ^^ v

  4. Thanks for taking up this manga.
    I'm not a fan of vampire stories but this one looks really interesting.
    I really like the art and the characters so far.
    There's so many details that I'm wondering about, like it sounded like the guardian meant it was bad for Aki to take her blood, because he looks in pain…Is Eriya a vampire too? in the picture he's in a coffin…
    Can't wait for the next chapter!

    Arigatou ^_^

  5. Thank you! This chapter was interesting but it's diffucult to know were the story is heading. It's intriguing and the art is nice though so it's promising.

  6. Thank you very much for scanlating this series. I think it's really a promising one and the plot so far is very interesting.
    Love you Omari!

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