Ouran 83 Spoiler

All right everyone!  This should be all the spoiler you need 🙂

It will most likely be ready in less than a week because I managed to get a nice clean scan. If you can’t wait until then, I’m sure there will be a “fast” version to read earlier :). Regardless, I will be taking my time to give this last chapter a very polished look and to do my best with the translation.  So, please have patience with me. I promise you will be very pleased with the ending :).

5 thoughts on “Ouran 83 Spoiler

  1. Thanks a lot!!!! I'm glad she left the ending open.

    I would love a follow-up story ^_^ She could do like W-Juliet 2
    I'm sure a story on Tamaki and Haruhi's couple then married life would be really fun to read. Of course with the rest of the group bugging them constantly ^___^(Touches wood)

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