Christmas/Winter Holiday One-Shot Suggestions Wanted!

The holidays are fast approaching and I would like to do some Christmas, Winter Holiday, or general Winter themed one-shots.  Please send in your suggestions.  Here’s a listing of the magazines I have subscriptions to (most back to Sept 2007):

Lala DX
Hana to Yume
The Hana toYume
Bessatsu Hana to Yume
Betsucomi (stopped getting that January 2010)
Betsucomi Extra (stopped getting that January 2010)

I also have some of the furoku comics books that are holiday themed.

By the way, the Halloween special will be “Guardian Joker.”  There may be something Halloween themed in this week’s Hana to Yume.  If so, I may consider sneaking that in instead and moving GJ to November.  We’ll see…

10 thoughts on “Christmas/Winter Holiday One-Shot Suggestions Wanted!

  1. Check all the magazines you have and list every single Halloween story featured in every issues you have.

    So i will pick one up by blinding my eyes and say a random number, then see what did my number match the list.


  2. @SL I checked the extra magazines (they contain mostly one-shots) last night and this morning and found 2 very short (less than 20-pages) Halloween-ish one-shots. I haven't checked the regular monthlies yet. I do remember seeing some one-shots that look scary and I saw one with another Joker. I'm seriously tempted to bump AnS back to do the Halloween one-shots and a scary ghost/devil one-shot.

    There are lots of Christmas/Winter holiday one-shots. I will have to go through some process of weeding down to a few. There is one I definitely want to do.

    I also need to revise the schedule to put the one-shots in if I find anything compelling enough. I wonder if the readers will mind if I bump some regular things back for some holiday/seasonal cheer. Lots of the winter one shots are quite beautiful. I especially like the ones that involve ghosts or spirits.

  3. It is too difficult to choose T.T
    Some time ago this was happening to myself that not wise that elegire but good I wait sees which was gaining regards ¡

  4. If possible, please do Oiran Girl by Hibiki Wataru! I think it's in one of the Hana to Yume magazines.


  5. @Ayreesa — thanks for the suggestion. I have looked at “Nisei no Chigiri,” and I think we'll pass on that one and let another group do it.

    As for the Chatbox. You have to make an account and then you can post. Please try again so you can join the conversations :).

  6. @Anonymous — I started translating Folktalk no Tonakai around this time last year, and stopped because the main character seemed kinda whiny.

    I looked through my magazine collection and located both of the one-shots. I've read through what I translated of “Folklore no Tonakai” and it's not as bad as I initially thought.

    I can't promise anything, but I'll see what I can do about getting both of those one-shots out by Christmas.

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