Halloween Special Feature #2: "Guardian Joker"

Here is the second one-shot of our special Halloween double feature, “Guardian Joker.” This isn’t scary or spooky, but rather it’s more about the Joker’s costume. Haha!  This story turned out to be more sentimental and sweet than I expected.  Anyhow…

Links to “Guardian Joker” (Zip) (PDF)

While waiting for Aria 12, I will be working on “Kemono Kingdom: Zoo” and “Orange Chocolate.”  I may be able to eek “Zoo” out before I get the magazine.  If not, then early next week expect “Junketsu + Vampire” chapter 4 followed by “Magnolia” chapter 4.

4 thoughts on “Halloween Special Feature #2: "Guardian Joker"

  1. Eh really there is other one? Me sorprendio muchisimo jajaja pense that today only subirian one but but that emotion ¡
    I am charmed with me muchisimas thank you *.*
    Regards from chile

  2. Now THIS was a real treat!

    I guessed the story right :P, instead of my guess that the MC was living with her brother it was her uncle, she has a young & a hot uncle *-*

    Stories like there strike a good place with me, but not everything does.

    I liked the conflict the girl had inside of her heart without the author blowing it out/exagerating it, it kept it simple and easy to follow.

    This, to me, was way better than the sadako twins story, it actually does feel like it is complete, With a very charming Joker too!

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