Aria 12

I have Aria 12!

The good news is that “Pika Ichi” diverges from the pattern I was detecting and quite possibly could be a short series. We will add it back to this month’s schedule.

We will be doing:

  • Junketsu + Vampire Chp 4 (Kana biting and a werewolf! W00t!!!)
  • Magnolia Chp 4 (Dance Ayato, dance!)
  • Pika Ichi Chp 4 (Friends!)
  • One-Shot:  “Akuma Yashiki” (Horror Comedy Fun!)

Link to Purchase Aria 12 from Amazon Japan.
Link to Purchase Aria 12 from Akadot

    13 thoughts on “Aria 12

    1. Wah cover's so pretty! 🙂 thanks a bunch for your awesome work! and keep it upp 😀 <3<3 love the series you've done

    2. Super-happy dance~~ love that cover of Aria! Thanks for doing these. J+K and Magnolia really are the best! (And your translations are pretty good too! Thank you.)

    3. I, personally, wonder how Shouoto-sensei has all that time to draw several color images and two manga series in the same month (although, this months “Barajou no Kiss” is really short).

    4. I love that cover and I am happy to hear that pika icchi heads into a different direction. You stated you feel it will head into a short series does that mean, the collecting of the main cast will be done or does it mean dramatic arc leading to a conclusion

    5. Wow, that cover looks very sexy and interesting! *_* I´m looking forward to the new chapter of J+K, even though I´m dying of eager for reading the 4th chapter of Magnolia!!!! ❤

    6. That emotion really me sorpredio the news the front page I am charmed with me very brilliantly that excellent day *.*
      Thank you very much.
      Regards from chile

    7. @Omari's Sister: Shouto-sensei was working on two manga at the same time before starting Junketsu + Kareshi (Stray Love Hearts and Barajou). She's either super fast, got amazing assistants, or both. Whatever it is, I love her work!

    8. @Sammy — “Orange Chocolate” appears in “Betsuhana” monthly magazine. If you check the release schedule, you will see that there will be a double release of “Orange Chocolate” this month. Chapter 18 is currently scheduled for October 10th.

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