Happy Halloween: Junketsu + Kareshi Chapter 4

I can’t believe we finished this before the end of Halloween night!  It was such a joy translating and editing the images in the chapter :).  I love handling beautiful drawings!  I couldn’t redraw the intro color 2-page spread, but I did redraw/extrapolate the gap between the pages of a very important scene.  All hail the mighty PhotoShop Pen Tool! Anyhow Happy Halloween!

Links to “Junketsu + Kareshi” chapter 4 (Zip) (PDF) — Retired

I don’t know what to make of the ending, but I’m guessing this is the end of the “prologue” and now we get into the meat of the story.  I wonder who’s gonna go ape-sh** in chapter 5 after such a threat?  Will it be Kana, Aki, or Shiranui?  Personally, I hope it’s Kana.  But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see in Chapter 5.

Next up is “Magnolia.”  Ahhh, yes,  “Lover Boy” moves quickly…and I’m sorry to report, that we will not fully find out the answer to the question in the poll because Lover Boy is just too intoxicating and hogs the entire chapter.   So, we’ll have to wait until chapter 5 to see how that bomb drops.  But, I like Lover Boy, so I’m looking forward to translating the chapter.

17 thoughts on “Happy Halloween: Junketsu + Kareshi Chapter 4

  1. Oh man! Naked Ape sensei (?!) is such a tease. Oh well, we'll look forward to it even more. Thanks for making us wait Lover Boy!

  2. Oh yessss!!! You guys are the best!
    This is probably the best treat I got today, haha xD

    Thank you very much!~ ❤

  3. I can literally say the ending was interesting when that guy turned into a werewolf, so i am assuming it is safe to assume that all those who wear the stigma mark are descendents of some mystical creatures, thats the way its looking but than that ending purebloods not allowed to take blood, that was confusing or was it not allowed to give blood, wow I want to see the next chapter

  4. @Anonymous — a strange word is used in the Japanese. It literally says “separating blood” – as in dividing or sharing blood. I went with “giving” because in general I think that's a clearer concept in English. In chapter 2 Dealer warned Aki about it with regard to Kana. I guess doing it a second time, is too provocative, especially since the effect of quelling a stigma would be noticed. I think some confusion arises in chapter 2 because Aki's narrates that he sucked her blood to make her his. I was confused there too and I don't know what to tell you other than that's what the Japanese says — unless the author meant the slang use of “suck” which means to “kiss” — but then “kissing blood” is kinda weird — or maybe he did both sucking and infusing???. Anyhow, I'll look more into it, but I think it's the giving blood that's the problem since Aki was parched in chapter 2.  

  5. @anonymous — I went back and checked chapter 2 Aki says he filled Kana's body filled with his vile/tainted blood. The other thing is that Aki says sucking blood = ownership. Perhaps sharing or giving blood and sucking blood are different acts with different effects. Shiranui didn't become Aki's servant because he drank Aki's blood and Kana felt “owned” when Aki sucked her blood. Maybe this is something the mangaka has yet to fully explain. Perhaps it's part of the “rules.”

    Anyhow, based on your comment, I did change “giving” to “sharing” so that it's a more direct translation and because there may be a distinction that has yet to be explained.

  6. @Shadowneko003 — I like, too, that Kana realized place/purpose. Food is quite important. I think, though, the practicality of the thought of being food and then using her position as “food” to manipulate Aki is hilarious. Who's the master and who the slave?

    As for Shiranui — indeed, furries and bishies should be one. They do it to females characters all the time, so why not a cute guy with animal ears and a tail? I do hope the rest of the stigma are inside other mystical beasties. Kitsune!!! I love Kitsune!!! Okay, I'll be quiet now.

  7. Thanx for all of the hardwork!? the werewolf in the manga was soo cute!? can't wait for the upcoming chapters!? thanx again for all of the hard work!? 😛

  8. Really that surprise ¡
    It was very exciting the updates of hallowen that I can say a lot of congratulations to all and wait that past allan very well and thank you for all the chapters ^^
    Regards from chile

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