Magnolia Chapter 4

I weep no more for the ending of “Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen” because another has come to walk in Johanne’s shoes.  Bless you Naked Ape for giving us Yugo!

Links to “Magnolia Chapter 4”  (Zip) (PDF)

Note:  A slight change to the translation was made to a flash back to chapter 2.  Chapter 2 has been updated accordingly.

Chapter 5 can’t come soon enough!  AUGH!!!  I’m suffering!!!!  I hope we find out who Lily’s guy is soon.  Is he royalty, military, a gigolo or some random party crasher?

Next up is a double release of “Orange Chocolate” because chapter 18 and 19 belong together as one!

11 thoughts on “Magnolia Chapter 4

  1. Sanks so much for Magnolia, it seriously is a magnificent series. I've been on pins & needles waiting for the next chapter. I really like where its heading; Is Ayato busted or not!! rawr so much drama love it! ❤

  2. Why is everyone so amused with Yugo?! I hate him!! he ruined my AyatoXLily shipping!!

    Because of him, Lily is stuck with a Paris Hilton look-alike!! AUGHHH (why did you mention the Paris Hilton resemblance K003?!?! now I can't “unsee” it!! 😦 😦

    (If you have sent me the double spread B&W page i could have connected it)

  3. The chapter was interesting to say the least, the artwork was beautiful, cant say much for story but the artwork pretty much carried the chapter, he or she was beautiful and it was done nicely

  4. @Silver Lunar — I'm sorry for putting the Paris Hilton image in your head. I can't separate the two either now. I wonder if Naked Ape did that on purpose or whether it just happened. Hopefully, the guy's personally doesn't correlate to his likeness.

    Ayato x Lily — Hahaha! So you don't want them to be close best friends? I like the relationship they have now. And how could you not find Yugo, regardless of his relationship with Ayato, interesting or just plain wonderful? Give him a chance :).

  5. LOL @ gigolo. I don't like the way that guy looks, but if he can make Lily happy then that's all that matters. The story needs to get moving though. I think Naked Ape enjoys drawing Ayato in a dress so the party might go on for a bit longer.

  6. I understand totally MY T.T I also cry with the end of the manga.
    It makes me happy that they were updating meets very interesting ¡
    Regards from chile¡¡

  7. thank you so much for this chapter, it really got me so excited, i can't wait to see what would happen next..ughh please let time go fast! ;3

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