One-shot Sequels!!!

W00t!  Well, color me happy!  Look what came with Hana to Yume Issue 24/2010!  A wonderful book with sequels to “The Scarecrow of Oz” and “Furou Kyoudai.” *Hana to Akuma Spoilers Ahead*  Also in Hana to Yume issue 24 is the final chapter of “Hana to Akuma” which features (highlight white space to read) Hana and Vivi’s wedding and off into the distant future — half demon half human babies!!!  Unfortunately, Hana got old and died…but Vivi’s happy happy with his kids.  Don’t know what’s going on with fandom, but I’m tempted to finish up the last three chapters… Update! It looks like translation of “Hana to Akuma” has resumed!  Hooray for Kokoro no Oasis!

Oh, and if you are wondering what the other two one-shots are, I don’t know yet, but I’ll find out and see if they are worth translating.

Anyhow, a bunch of unanticipated manga and vacations got thrown at me, so I have to re-prioritize and re-jigger the schedule for the next few months.  There’s too much good stuff and not enough staff.  But, as a “manager” I cannot take on anymore staff…so I have re-jigger things.

11 thoughts on “One-shot Sequels!!!

  1. That emotion if that meets the book I want to be able to see it T.T though for what you have said .. that badly it of hana chan I was thinking that terminaria lives forever for vivi. T.T really is a pity….
    Do I wait to be able to see it if?
    Regards from chile

  2. it's the final chapter for Hana to Akuma already? O_O how many chapters does it have so far? That was a surprise.

  3. Whatever happened to hana and akuma the last chapter I saw I her and vivi being asked to go back to the demon world, after that no one has picked up translations. Omari sisters is your group planning to pick up the translations of the remaining chapters or is it out of your hands. I am looking forward to the spoilers but I would love to see the series at least completed

  4. Last time I saw the translations stopped when vivi finally got to meet hana and than they get called away back to demon world but that was like 2 months ago, i havent seen an updated chapter in months, i thought they cancelled the series after that chapter since i didnt see any updates

  5. I would love to see the remainder of the hana and akuma series completed i need to know what happened to vivi and hana, the translations stopped all of a sudden and i never knew what happened

  6. @Anonymous — My understanding is that the group that normally translates Hana to Akuma is taking a break. I've re-examined our schedule and we neither have time or resources to complete Hana to Akuma anytime soon. :/ Sorry…I'll announce it if anything changes though.

  7. When i saw the raw of the end of hana to akuma I almost cried, but didn't since i couldn't understand the raws but, I kind of figured out from the pictures…
    I really wanted Hana to live forever with Vivi, If Bella and Edward can be together forever so should Hana and Vivi. 🙂

  8. hahaha lol now I'm pissed at myself
    okay Why couldn't I read the red marked SPOILERS AHEAD!!!
    hahah I need an extra EXTRA EXTRA SPOILERS FOR DUMMIES!!
    okay now I know the end of hana to akuma,and it wasn'T planned oh well now I know…WTH WHY di I read it anyway? xD

    oh but I don'T like the fact that vivi is dying TAT

    BUt well thanks for always being up to date oh and great thanks for always translating even thought its al cold and christmas-like!

    thank you guys from germany xD

    love PluandaKeki

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