Pika Ichi Chapter 4 — Love, Hate, and General Frustration…

Here is “Pika Ichi” chapter 4.  I continue to like the main characters, Tarou and Hanako, and the side characters; Manaka, Dr. Murase, and Ibuki (introduced in this chapter), but the general story suffers from poor execution.  I was ready to throw up my hands and quit the series after about 10-pages into translating this chapter, until after banging my head on my desk a few times and then breaking into hysterical laughter, it all became clear.  I’m taking the bullying aspect of this story way too seriously and I’m probably ultra-sensitive because at the time I started the translation, the bullying induced suicides were all over the news in the US.  So I adjusted my point of view and began to think of the bullying as a “McGuffin” and the student mob as a mob of brainless zombies.  As a story about a handful of students and a brave doctor facing the zombie apocalypse, things made sense to me and I could focus on the aspects of the story I like, which would be the character development and the lovely artwork.  The second hurdle was doing something about some of the flat or just plain bad dialog.  So I will inform you now, for the most part I translated the chapter faithfully, but I did punch up some of the dialog to bring it up to high school level and to speed up and maintain the pacing.

I will continue onto chapter 5 because I want to know more about the characters.  How did they get this way?  What’s motivating them? And how will they change?  But…it will be a chapter by chapter commitment and, so, I’ll face the question of whether to continue after looking at chapter 5.  I really wish, though, that the chapters weren’t so freaking long!!!  UGH!!!  I’d much rather have fat “Magnolia” chapters!  Magnolia!!!!  UGH, the pain of waiting is almost too much!!!

Here are the links!

Links to “Pika Ichi” chapter 4:  (Zip) (PDF)

Anyhow, give the chapter a read and let me know what you think about it.  If a lot of you want to try something new, I will gladly oblige.  There are 4 replacement series on my mind that I would love to give a try and one is already in preparation :).  And, oh, by the way, take the survey in the upper right corner of this blog!

16 thoughts on “Pika Ichi Chapter 4 — Love, Hate, and General Frustration…

  1. It fences o.o that good that already already they cover in the chapter 4 .. it looks like that the things were beginning placing romantic not?.. XD but my I like the pair principalT.T it unjust but good meeting
    It makes me happy to meet hereabouts.
    I wait that you this llendo well the best desires ¡
    Regards from chile

  2. *shrugs* I read just about everything you scan (awesome quality and your taste rocks) and I'm kinda really hoping you don't drop it. I know it's going the cliche beyond belief route, but, as Daniela and you said, the lead characters are all sorts of yum. Though I guess if there's a strong enough fanbase, somebody else will grab it.

  3. @Chana — Thanks for your support. We'll see about Pika Ichi. My hope is that it's a short series :). Tarou and Hanako are really likable characters so I want to see a happy ending for them and for everyone, including the bullies and Dougen.

  4. Hi,first of all say sorry for mi English is so bad,my launguaje is Spanish,but try to express as best I can.I like this serie pika ichi,but are you and the team who does all the work,so if you and the team decide cancel this serie,you have all my support,¡cheer up! :),bye.

  5. Gosh, Tarou is so cool, I adore him! >_< ❤ I love that the (hints) of romance are like in the background and not the main focus. It suits the series. Tarou x Hanako~ So cute!! <3 I really hope you'll continue scanlating this, it's a gorgeous manga. I squee with each new chapter!

  6. I'm loving this series~! The main pair is so… adorable, I don't know how to put it, it seems to me that they spread some kind of innocence feeling *^*

    I'm sad when I read how you feel when translating it, because if you don't enjoy it… it may suppose a lack of time for you T_T

    I wish you the beeeest! ^^

  7. Thanks very much for this chapter. I just found this series and I like it! It's also because of the bullying part that made me interested in reading this. Thank you for the hard work~

  8. Thank you all for taking time to comment. Here are my thoughts as of now on Pika Ichi:

    I agree with you all. Pika Ichi is about the characters and their relationships. I Even find Dougen's relatioship with Mizono interesting. What's going on there? Is Mizono the bad one who's egging Dougen on? Mizono looks so frail too. And then when Dougen said he neither likes or hates any of the students, it made me wonder whether the students had mythologized Dougen and started the bullying on there own. I think for now the characters and the relationships are reason enough to continue Pika Ichi.

  9. LOVE THIS! thank you for scanning, the cleaners are AWESOME!

    Although we don't know alot about Dougen, MAYBE he'll some how develop feelings for Hanako I don't know. it would be interesting if I predicted correctly. Tarou and Dougen will become love rivals. -fangirl scream-

  10. I just started this series today because the art work caught my eye and I as well am really curious to the character development of this story. And this is the first shoujo I've read where I am to totally in love with all the characters and anticipating their growth (even the antagonist intrigue me).

    As for the story I'm hoping this is just a prologue or introduction to a deeper plot other than just bullying. Anyway I hope you continue scanlating this because it's reached my favorite list of series XD

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