Orange Chocolate Chapter 20

Finally, we come to the end of the whole “Alice in Wonderland” photo shoot arc, but unfortunately, this isn’t the end of the need for Hal.  Hal seriously bugs me, but I guess that’s his duty.  Most of this chapter is fan service with a nice pair of surprises from Ritsu.  Chiro, though, finally asks a rather important question — why does Ritsu have to be an onnagata?  Yeah, it’s traditional, but Ritsu actually seems to enjoy it.

Links to “Orange Chocolate” Chapter 20:  (Zip) (PDF)

The next four chapters of Orange Chocolate is an arc about the school’s sport’s festival with the obligatory cavalry contest.  Hopefully, there’s a good reason for going down with well worn-out path.  Next month, though, we will take a break from “Orange Chocolate” and instead present Yamada-sensei’s one-shot “In Jack Out“.  Orange Chocolate ended on chapter 24 before going on hiatus.  The series will resume late February.  The hiatus will give us some time to catch up on the translation.

I had intended to translate the Christmas one-shot “Merry Unbalance Christmas” now, but I just got “Akagami no Shirayukihime” chapter 22 today and Zen finally grows a “pair”.  As for the pretty boy and who Shirayuki is…it looks like we have to wait longer…boo.  Regardless, I don’t want to keep myself or anyone else waiting, so I will get started on it right away.  Also, I’m now eagerly awaiting chapter 23.  Anyhow,  please see the release schedule for the latest schedule changes.

5 thoughts on “Orange Chocolate Chapter 20

  1. i'm glad that AnS 22 is not a filler chapter, does this means that the 'pretty' boy's real intentions are finally revealed? GAH, i can't wait! thank you so much for all your hard work

  2. Not a filler chapter? Sounds promising, because the previous chapter seemed like a filler chapter for me. After two months of waiting, I miss AnS so much!
    Don't tell me Shirayuki is a princess XD

  3. @yuyeon — Well…depending on the scheme, there are a few ways to become royal…I'll say that much ;p.
    The think the point of this chapter is that Zen finally stands up to Izana.

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