Lala 2 2011

I have Lala 2!  Yuki from “Vampire Knight” is on the cover this time.  The freebie is a Nyanko-sensei pouch.

It’s very cute.  I kinda wish it was an oven mitt.

Here’s what we’ll be translating from Lala 2:

  • “Kimi ni XOXO” chapter 5 — it’s the final chapter so we will go ahead and release it back-to-back with chapter 4 so we can complete that series now.
  • Special four-panel comic shorts
  • Ouran one-shot previews!
  • One-Shot:  “Nejimaki Mano-san” (will be translated later in the year)
  • One-Shot:  “Kashikomi Mousu!” (will be translated later in the year)

2 thoughts on “Lala 2 2011

  1. If already habia dress the front page and I am charmed with me ^^
    That good meets the magazine o.o brings many very pretty things ^^
    Happy end of year and the best desires.
    From chile

  2. @Kairi — I accidently deleted your comment and I cannot recover it. Here's a copy of from e-mail:

    Kairi has left a new comment on your post “Lala 2 2011 “:

    I just got a copy of LaLa 2. Do I have to live in Japan in order to receive the give-away items advertized (like the ouran hat).

    I haven't tried to order any merchandise through Lala so I don't know. For the Ouran hat, there's a survey postcard attached to page 466. I looks like you have to do the survey to get your choice of stuff. I imagine it's a COD type of thing, so you probably have to live inside of Japan. You could always try it though and see what happens.

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