10 thoughts on “Ouran High School Host Club Lala 3 One-Shot Preview

  1. YAY! Its probably going to be an insider into the future of the Club members now that they're, MORE, grown up lol.

    I hope we see a child from Tamaki and Haruhi 😉

  2. Just read your chatbox and sounds like the one-shot's a bit tedious to read! Isn't there at least one Tamaharu moment? D: And is Haruhi's hair really like how it is shown in the preview?

  3. @Anonymous — There's nothing dramatic between Tamaki and Haruhi in the chapter (Tamaki again spouts a bunch of nonsense of being in the same room Haruhi and compares the trip to a honey moon…). I haven't gotten to the meat of the story yet. I'm kinda worried that there will be no meat. I'll post updates to the chatbox as read the story. I'm kinda feeling discouraged, though, and I want to formally translate “The Ghost Apartment Manager” instead.

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