Magnolia Chapter 6

It’s another cruel chapter of “Magnolia”…this one is only 28 pages and as one of my proofreaders pointed out, the second page is a repeat. Boo! But it’s a really good chapter and sets up for what I hope to be a thrilling volume 2.

Links to Magnolia Chapter 6:  (Zip)(PDF)

Spoilers Ahead —

My thoughts on the chapter:
Poor, poor, Nagi.  Nothing good can come of this for him.  Ayato is nutz, Yugo is relentless, and poor Nagi has his own heart to worry about.  But I think that’s what makes this situation delicious.  What is poor Nagi going to do?  Ayato alone is more than a handful.  Oh, and then there’s our other little flower, Lily.  I think after reading the companion Lily one-shot for the first volume of Magnolia, you all will understand why Lily is so down.  Lily…T_T…stay strong, girl!

Oh, a note about Saiga Orway — “Orway” is my best guess on the spelling of his last name.  Other possibilities are Olway, Alway, Aulway…sigh…I hate Katakana…

I expect the first volumes of Aria series to release soon.  I will post links to purchase the books when they become available.

Next up is the first of the “Lily” themed extra stories!

13 thoughts on “Magnolia Chapter 6

  1. asdfjkl; Magnolia chapter 6~! <3 Each chapter always feel so short ;_;
    Ayato is “manning up” while Lily is heartbroken T_T Nagi was so awesome <3 and Yugo has many "rivals" now xD I love this chapter~~Thanks for the release >_I will most likely buy this manga when it's license in the future but if it isn't, I'll try to buy the Japanese version O:

  2. Poor poor Lily!! Paris Hilton is her teacher now?! (why is this how you introduce new characters in a school setting?! make them a transfer student on a new teacher..) i wonder what her thoughts are, she is my favorite at the moment, and that Hilton dude isn't making it easy for her!

    Oh and WOW

    Ayato is waaaay prettier here than when he was dressing as a girl before :O~
    Really unsettling! It really does hold ground for “Hiding his appearance” >> “turns out he is so gorgeous” >> “too pretty to be a guy” scenario.



  3. @SL — LMAO!!!!

    And, yes, I agree, Yugo is a little too smug right now and Nagi does need to take his behind down a peg or two.

    Nagi vs. Yugo — it better be ON next chapter. Those two need to have a conversation with their fists and then they can be allies in protecting Ayato.

  4. This one month in the world of Magnolia is probably going to take like six volumes since we just got through half a day in one chapter. -_-

    @Silver Lunar: Thank you for your commentary. I love it!

    Looking forward to some good llama drama in the next chapter.

  5. Thank you so much for scanlating the new chapter!! Fangirl's cries: Love Magnolia and love you!!
    Happy New Year!

  6. Thank you very much for scanlating this chapter.

    Too bad there wasn't much Yugo/Ayato interaction in this chapter, but hopefully there will be next month.

  7. Thank you! I love this series so much! I wonder how the story will develop. There are so many possibilities…

  8. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful series. I just recently read it and I'm hooked!! Ayato looks so pretty! I like how nagi's nervous near the beautiful ayato. nagi so cuteee!

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