"Lily" Chapter 1

First of all!  Get the Lily themed desktop wallpaper set!  (Link — the second button is the download button)

And now, here’s the first chapter of “Lily” the companion series to “Magnolia”.  This is a wonderful addition to “Magnolia” and I’m glad naked ape recognized how wonderful Lily’s character is.

Links to Lily Chapter 1: (Zip) (PDF)

If you can, I encourage you purchase this volume of Itan to support “Lily” and naked ape.  Who knows, you might find something else inside the magazine that interests you (I have, but I don’t have enough bandwidth to add anymore series).

Links to Purchase Itan 3:  (Amazon Japan) (Yes Asia)

Also! naked ape has a store!  Link to naked ape’s store  You can buy naked ape merchandise through their Amazon storefront and they have a private online store with special books and items.  Hopefully, they’ll make some “Magnolia” stuff soon.  I need a poster or a lovely calender!

Next up is “Orange Chocolate” chapter 21!

7 thoughts on “"Lily" Chapter 1

  1. Ah, the naked ape´s shop is like a paradise to me! Unfortunately, I don´t have a credit card to buy anything online and I can´t read japanese at all! I would love to buy all their books, specially the “private” ones of Switch and Dolls! ;_;
    Anyway, thank you so much for these releases!! And Happy New Year!! ❤

  2. The King is so cool!! ^_^ I loved how he didn't care about her addressing him.. uh.. such high honor. “I'm just your uncle.” that was great.

    And now I see why she is completely upset about him looking away from her in class.

    Also.. the last line is foreboding. What is she going to do in the future…? Hmmm.
    Well, thank you the chapter! If I had money I would buy this Magnolia series in a heart beat. But alas.. jobless = no money. ::sighs::

  3. @Tin — I think what was special about that moment is that Albert was shocked that Lily addressed him that way. In his mind the social barrier wasn't there to begin with.

  4. @K3: Yes, you are right. ^_^ It was a moment that made me go “D'awww.. ::huge toothy grin:: The King is awesome.” I'm growing more and more attached to these characters.

  5. Like everyone seems to agree, I also thought Albert was awesome. He showed up in Magnolia as a rather foreboding character, but now we know that he just cares very deeply about Ayato. Also, his character just got loads better since he treated Lily so kindly.

    Ah, I'm liking Lily even more and more! She did start out for me as the cute/adorable delicate cousin/friend that's very overused, but now I know she also has a strong side (always by her mother, saying that she'll be fine). She's kind not only to her cousins, but to other people at the palace as well~ :3 The part about her dating both Ayato and Sui made me laugh. It seems exactly like Lily to want to study hard so that she won't burden others.

    Aw, how can Saiga look away from her in chapter 6 after sharing such a sweet time together? That dude better not hurt our Lily >_< I hope things turn out alright for her. She's definitely a very likeable character that I'm getting very attached to. This companion series is going great~

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