"Lily" Chapter 6 (End)

  LINKS ARE NOW CORRECT And now we come to the final chapter of “Lily”, though I don’t think the story is over. Rather it’ll be continued in Magnolia. (Hopefully this means we’ll get longer Magnolia chapters.) It’s no big guess what happens here after the sudden entrance of Dr. McCreepy-Pants in last chapter. Still what Saiga has to say to this creeper is fresh (at least to me.) So without saying much more, here’s the release! Links to “Lily” chapter 6 (end): (Zip) (PDF) Next up will be “Yukarism” chapter 12 and then our 4th Anniversary oneshot party will … Continue reading "Lily" Chapter 6 (End)

"Lily" Chapter 5 Version 2

Updated 01/26/2013:  I’m releasing a new version because a couple of changes to the translation made a significant difference in the story. We always try to give you the best translation possible, so when we find errors, we go back and fix them.  I recommend that you re-read the chapter, and if you are collecting the downloads, please download the files again.—————————————— And with this release we are caught up with “Lily” and ending our “Magnolia” ‘Splosion. Hopefully, from now on we will be able to stay up to date with both series. Itan magazine is now a bi-monthly magazine … Continue reading "Lily" Chapter 5 Version 2

"Lily" Chapter 4

I have the sinking feeling that this chapter is going to piss a lot of people off. It’s well worn shoujo territory and there are lots of folk who read OS who are opposed to student/teacher relationships, including myself. Unfortunately, this is part of the “Magnolia” story, so I can’t just not translate it. That would be weird. I had to set a lot of my brain aside to accept this chapter. First I had to set aside my hatred for student/teacher relationship fantasies, then I had to set aside my hatred for age gap fantasies, and finally I had … Continue reading "Lily" Chapter 4

"Lily" Chapter 2 and "Magnolia" Chapter 12 Double Release

Because “Magnolia” chapter 12 is so short, I decided to release it along with Lily chapter 2.  This chapter of “Magnolia” appears to be the end of the “prologue”, which hopefully means we can get into the meat of the story with the next chapter (though, it’s not like things haven’t been meaty enough).  “Lily” chapter 2 is a recap of “Magnolia” chapters 5 through chapter 9.  I guess that means volume 2 spans chapters 5 – 9.   Anyhow…here are the links:Link to “Lily” Chapter 2: (PDF)Link to “Magnolia” Chapter 12: (PDF) My thoughts on the chapter will be posted … Continue reading "Lily" Chapter 2 and "Magnolia" Chapter 12 Double Release

"Lily" Chapter 1

First of all!  Get the Lily themed desktop wallpaper set!  (Link — the second button is the download button) And now, here’s the first chapter of “Lily” the companion series to “Magnolia”.  This is a wonderful addition to “Magnolia” and I’m glad naked ape recognized how wonderful Lily’s character is. Links to Lily Chapter 1: (Zip) (PDF) If you can, I encourage you purchase this volume of Itan to support “Lily” and naked ape.  Who knows, you might find something else inside the magazine that interests you (I have, but I don’t have enough bandwidth to add anymore series). Links … Continue reading "Lily" Chapter 1