"Kimi ni XOXO" Chapter 5

Well, here’s the WTH non-ending end of “Kimi ni XOXO”.  It’s still a fun chapter, but it’s sad to see yet another good series go unfinished.  If there is additional “Kimi ni XOXO” material released, I will translate it.

Links to “Kimi ni XOXO” Chapter 5: (Zip) (PDF)

Next up is the next installment in our series of winter one-shots,  “His and Her Futomin”.  After that, “Yukarism” and “The Ghost Apartment Manager” will make their debuts :).

14 thoughts on “"Kimi ni XOXO" Chapter 5

  1. Boo on the short ending >_< But I still can't helping going 'moe' everytime I read this series lol xD
    *sigh* I hope the mangaka decides to continue this story again one day! 😉

  2. @daniela: Just to clarify..! I am not making fun of you, I am just rather curious. Are you speaking in haiku or are you from a different country?
    Like, I said.. not making fun, just curious.

    As for the series. Eh, ::shrugs:: It wasn't one of my favorites so the ending didn't really affect me. Thank you for the translations though.

  3. @Tin — English is not Daniela's first language. I think she's using a translation application that doesn't function very well.

    @Daniela — you can post comments in your mother tongue.

  4. Thank you for the scanlation ^_^
    It's a good chapter, but really… it's nowhere near the end, isn't it!? Sensei! Finish off Haruka 5 and back to this, please!

  5. thanks for this chapter and for your work on this series… yeah i too hope the mangaka continues or starts a similar series in the future. the premise is very interesting and has scope for very interesting story development. but anyways i like this so i'll check out the mangaka's other works for now.

    oooh and i look forward to the upcoming releases.. hee hee

  6. This has the stupidest “ending” to anything i have ever read (nothing come close to Honey and Clover though), It felt like a freaking filler chapter that nothing really happened in it.

    What was the point of Echo going back to her original body if she turned back instantly without nothing climatic happening to her regarding it?!? And don't make me start about the plot points that need to be finished….

    I can't even post properly because of the shock… i LOVED this, i really did!! 😦 😦

  7. what an ending o_O
    i really wait for this chapter..then it will just end up like this..
    waaah, it's really, really good and i'm not contented with the development of the story..i want mooore~ >_< anyway, thanks for the scans ^^

  8. I really am sorry that it ended this way :(. I don't know what the mangaka or the folks at Lala magazine were thinking. Hopefully, the story gets resumed and properly ended soon. I really want to see more of Masamune's brother. It's sad to introduce such a fun character and then drop him without even giving the guy a name ??? And yeah, this did feel like a filler chapter. This was truly weird.

  9. So the author got axed and they went and released one more chapter?

    There was no ending at all in this chapter…it was just a normal chapter.

    I guess hiatus from before killed her chances since the author found out that she's no good with serializational releases.

    But really…this didn't even have an open ending that may make you think it ended…no solution to anything just a normal day at work, lol.

    Anyway thanks for doing this…now there's only one title left that I read from this place xD

  10. It seems a lot of good series don't end well. I wasn't crazy about Ouran Host Club's ending either. It was rather anticlimatic and rushed. I thought long and hard and I'm not sure that there could've been an alternate ending for Hana to Akuma either.

    Thank you for your hard work and for always choosing beautiful stories with gorgeous artwork!

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