Sweet Freebies in Asuka 3 2011

This is Asuka Issue 3 for 2011!  It comes with sweet freebies:

This two-sided plastic thing (table place mat maybe ???)  I don’t know what you do with it, but it’s nice. And there a FABULOUS color illustration book:

Here’s a peek inside.  This is the last pages that shows a small sample of what’s inside!

Do you want these sweet freebies? Here are some ordering links:
  • Amazon Japan
  • Akadot (link will be live when it comes in stock)

7 thoughts on “Sweet Freebies in Asuka 3 2011

  1. That Plastic thingy is used for writing. Because Japanese or Chinese character has too much detail in such small characters the board is placed under the paper so when you write in pencil the pencil lines don't smudge but instead gives off a nice sharp lines. =] LOL P.S it looks awesome!! ❤

  2. Hi do you know about Akaki Tsuki no Mawaru Koro?? .. the artwork is very pretty it's currently running in Asuka..

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