Magnolia Chapter 7

Poor, poor Nagi…is it real or a spell?  Chapter 7 is short, but it’s a real treat for Nagi x Ayato fans.  Personally, I just like Nagi.   This is my favorite cover image so far.  Ayato looks like he/she is being nuzzled by her big brother, but big brother is looking quite possessive and un-big brother-like.  Try getting through that Yugo!

Links to “Magnolia” Chapter 7:  (Zip) (PDF)

Warning:  Spoilers Ahead

My thoughts on the chapter —

The obvious question I already asked:  is Nagi is under a spell or are these Nagi’s true feelings?  Personally, I think poor Nagi’s under a spell, but I wonder whether that spell is anchored by an underlying attraction.  But if I think it’s a spell, then what of Yugo?  Personally, I think Yugo is for real (mainly because he and Ayato bicker like a real couple).

I like the Lily hide-and-seek, though, I hope chapter 8 features nothing scandalous in the library.  Sigh…I feel like Sui is missing out on all of the fun!

The new character:  Yeeks, it’s another Katakana mystery.  I went with “Hollier” because that was the suggestion I got.  A big part of me, though, wanted take some creative liberty and call her “Holly”.  I don’t know what to think of her.  Is she secretly evil or just some silly Ayato groupy?  She must be important to the story. though, since she’s formally introduced to the readers.

And now we wait another month…augh!!!
Next up is “Junketsu + Kareshi” Chapter 7 — Kana wants to start a “people helping” club to help Aki find Stigma, we sorta get introduced to Kana’s little brother, Masayuki, and the student council enters the story.

8 thoughts on “Magnolia Chapter 7

  1. What was the katakana given? Was the romaji the same as the spelling you've chosen? If we go with the theme of European names, then Hollier sounds fine. I mean, Nagi's last name, Olivier, is French. Godwin is an Anglo-Saxon name. And there have been a few King Alberts in the EU.

    (Man, that reminds me I should get on with my translating. Ugh)

    And boo for student councils getting involved in J+K. Are they really that exciting? I mean, the one at my school was pretty boring. :/

  2. For some reason, I thought that Holly, Hollier might have have a fangirl, but maybe not since she seems important.

    But poor Ayato (or maybe lucky Ayato?) everyone wants to kiss him in his sleep (Her?). I hope that Yugo comes back, he and Ayato need to bicker some more.

  3. Thank you! This chapter was great but too short. That's frustrating. I hope we will learn more about what happens in the library in the next chapter of Lily.

  4. Uwah, that really was a short chapter. Like.. um.. ::looks for them:: Darn, I forgot who said it (and I can't find their comment here) but like they said, It starts to move quickly forward, making one go “Eh!?” then, fsshh.. it's over. Who is the bloody soldier (though, actually.. it's probably Yugo's dad), what's Nagi gonna do (and, I agree with you. It seems like the flower smell is the thing getting to him), and miss Hollier what is her motive (isn't she the girl from the chairman's room when the King called about Ayato..?)? So many mysteries!! I hope some will be answered soon.

    Well, anyhow, thank you for this chapter! Although short, it was wonderful. As for J+K… well.. what's a school story without the Student Councils? ::shrugs:: I'm sure Magnolia will introduce one sooner or later.. Oh, hey! Hollier might be one.. or she might be the chairman's daughter.. Hrm..

    Well, thank you again!

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