March At Omari’s Sister

Phew!  February was fast and furious!  I hope all of you had a great Valentine’s Day filled with candy and fun.  I’d like to thank all of the Omari’s Sister volunteers for a highly productive month and for all their hard work.  We’ve really stepped up our game and I’m proud that we’ve been able to produce some gorgeous releases :).  Cookies for everyone!

Onto March! I completed my jury duty service.  I wasn’t selected for a jury, but still it was a worthwhile experience and I’m proud to do my service as a US citizen.

I received Aria 4 today and “Pika Ichi” continues to improve.  Something pretty neat pops up at the end of chapter 8, so I’m pumped up again about the series :).  Magnolia chapter 8 is WOW!!!  I haven’t stopped internally squealing since I saw it this afternoon.  J+K Chapter 8 is filled with yummy Aki drawings and we get deeper into the matter of Kana’s brother Masayuki.  There’s lots of good stuff this month from Aria.  Aria also starts more new series this month and next month.  I wish we could do more…but, we are swamped.

I’ve decided to take a break from Orange Chocolate for a few months.  We will resume the series in June.   I’m sorry to all you OC fans out there, but the break is needed to refresh my perspective on the series so I can give you the best translation I can.  I can say, though, after the sports festival arc, the story does get back on track.  It’s just that right now I can’t handle the next two chapters of the sports festival arc.

Here’s what we have planned for March:

  • Magnolia Chp 8
  • J+K Chp 8
  • Pika Ichi Chp 6 and 7
  • One Shot: Vahlia’s Bridegroom (joint with The Zero Alliance)
  • Akagami no Shirayukihime Chp 23
  • Yukarism Chp 3
  • One-Shot: World’s End Garden

7 thoughts on “March At Omari’s Sister

  1. Oh, wow.. no Jury Duty.. Huh.

    Anyway, yes! You and your people did wonderful jobs! I thank you ALL!!! ^_^

    What!? You can't just say that and not tell us why it was so squeal worthy!! ::laughs:: I want to know now. )O_O( Oh, well. I'll just have to wait and see..

    Yes! AnS is this month! ::does a little dance::

    And it's understandable about OC. While I do enjoy the series, I'm not one for School festivals very much.. anymore. read about too many of them.

    Anyhow, I am looking forward to the series this month. ^_^ Thank you for all your hard work!

  2. I like OC and am always looking forward to new chapters but I understand your decision. Besides, I'm not really disappointed because that means that for the next few months, it will be replaced by interesting series (and oneshots)that you couldn't have done otherwise, like The ghost appartment manager and Yukarism.
    Otherwise, I'm really looking forward to Magnolia chapter 8! It's just too bad the chapters keep getting shorter and shorter. I know it musn't be easy for the authors to manage two monthly series at the same time but I hope the shortness of the latest chapters won't impact negatively the development of the story.

  3. You can feel proud about doing your duty…

    After reading what's in store, I feel like a kid in a candy store…so can't wait for Magnolia!! And AnS…and Yukarism, and….

    But thanks again for all this great effort!

  4. @BM — Ditto on the kid in the candy store! OMG!!! There is so much good stuff we're doing now and so much good stuff in the future. I want to get to “Fushigi no Maria-kun” soon. It's only two volumes, but it's the kind of fun and romantic series the folks at OS enjoy :). And I'm REALLY looking forward the “Furou Kyoudai” serialization. I wonder if it's going to be about one of them really finding a boyfriend or a girlfriend?

  5. If to my also there was done I short enough February but already we are beginning a new month and I hope that it fences in them excellently.
    The best desires.

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