One-Shot: "World End Garden"

Just in time for the end of winter and the beginning of spring is our final winter one-shot, “World End Garden”.  Please forgive me, but I couldn’t help myself on the credits page.  This was another big undertaking by the group and they all worked very hard to get this out on time.  A big thanks goes out to Suzume and Silver Lunar for getting this one-shot sparkly clean and to Kumiko and Ichigo Stars for doing some miraculous redraws.  I’d also like to thank the mangaka Shiina Dai for such a beautiful and emotionally wide-ranging story and for her lovely drawings.  I will admit that this was one of the most challenging works I’ve translated in a while, but it’s a lovely story in Japanese and I hope I managed to capture that beauty in English.

Links to “World End Garden”: (Zip) (PDF)

Speaking of Shiina Dai, this summer we will be translating her short series “Fushigina Maria-Kun” (“Wonderous Maria-kun”).  Hahaha, I can’t believe I’m putting yet another vampire manga series out into this world, but trust me, you’ll like it.  It will be lots of summer fun and it’s only 9 chapters long!

Next up are the Aria series! Please look forward to them!

11 thoughts on “One-Shot: "World End Garden"

  1. This was a really nice story. Sad to see he couldn't maintain his form, but he still lived on in her.

  2. such a beautiful story; it was funny an bittersweet at the same time… it wasn't one of those typical monsterxgirl shoujo mangas (which frankly irritates me) so this was a treat to read 🙂

    i wish to read more of Shiina Dai's works.

  3. Part of me was kind of wishing for a happy ending, and I was shocked that the end came the way it did. Then, I reread it and realized that that was a wonderful way to end such a delicate, yet precious, story.

  4. ^_^ Thank you for your hard work! It came out beautifully.

    I was happy to see it translated and it was even more bittersweet to me than the 1st time I looked it over. ::sniffle:: Oh, well. Not ever story needs to end on a happy, bubbly ending. this ending was very good.

    Thanks again you guys!

  5. Thanks for this beautiful story, its so heartwarming, i really loved it (and i had the feeling that your work with it was very good!)

  6. Thanks for the manga! This is one of the most ebautiful one-shots I have ever read!! I almost cried at the end, I was hoping against all hope that he didn't die, but even though he did, I loved that she was able to remain the memory of his color :')

  7. really nice and it's so sad i bet they fell in love with each other?? 😦 so sad!!! i want to change the ending 😦 really nice i hope more stories by this author come!!! 😀

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