One-Shot: "Vahlia’s Bridegroom"

The wait is finally over!  Here is Akisuki Sorata’s AnS companion one-shot “Vahlia’s Bridegroom”.  This was a joint project between Omari’s Sister and The Zero Alliance.  Here’s a short summary of the story from our partner on this project:

Jiru and Vahlia were engaged. But Jiru suddenly went missing! Four years later, Vahlia was betrothed to another man.  During the night of the celebration of her second engagement, Vahlia decides to go on a journey…. in search of Jiru!

(Sapphire Pyro)

Links to Vahlia’s Bridegroom:  (Zip) (PDF)

Next up are “Magnolia” chapter 9 followed by “Yukarism” chapter 4.

23 thoughts on “One-Shot: "Vahlia’s Bridegroom"

  1. Sweet! Thank you for this!! ::high five:: I wasn't expecting this until next month.

    Well, that was a lovely story. I'm happy for Lucel more then for.. uh.. Vahlia. She sort of started getting on my nerves just a wee bit. Anyway, Lucel was a good, calm male lead and I liked his personality a lot. Jiru was an amusing character. The art was truly wonderful, as expected from Akizuki-sensei. Her colored pages always have a calm, peaceful feeling to them. ^_^

    Again, thank you! I enjoyed it.

  2. Thank you very much for all your work and effort,I love this author, so this one shot should be amazing,thanks 🙂

  3. This was absolutely awful.

    I am utterly disappointed!!! The story wasn't interesting and the characters were very hard to swallow, except for Jiru which had that happy-go-lucky personality that i like, but his reasoning for his actions were pretty shallow.

    You can give the excuse that it was just a oneshot but i have read dozens far surpass this bore-fest.

    Everything in it was mediocre at best.

    3 out of 10

  4. @Silver Lunar — Yeah, I agree, this isn't Sorata-sensei at her best. The drawings are nice though. I feel the story is too low key. There's no underlying tension between Vahlia and Lucel, Lucel is milquetoasty-blah, and it's too long for the pay-off. I think, in general, the story was weak. The main problem for me was starting off by saying the two were happily engaged. It would have been better to have left that as a mystery. But…I'm not Sorata fan. I like the emotional parts of AnS and anything having to do with Obi, but the rest of it I find very bland. So for me, the blandness of this one-shot wasn't a surprise.

  5. *not sure if comment was posted*

    Yay, we finally got it out xD

    I don't deny being disappointed as well (so many ways it could've been better and more interesting), but I guess, despite the “blandness”, I couldn't see it as “awful” because (I'd rather be bored than have headaches) I've seen worse… x_x Ehehe…

  6. thanks omaris sister and the zero alliance for this one shot. i quite enjoyed the story and loved the art. though after reading the comments i realise i don't read deeply enough, and that it could've been much better. still i like it!

    (and i'm glad this is a nice community where you can not like a release (for good reasons) – and still have an interesting conversation about it)

  7. I think it's nice that people have different opinions and feel that this is a safe place to express their thoughts. Negative feedback is cool with me as long as it isn't personal (in which case I won't publish the comment).

    I think with this particular one-shot, we went forward with it without vetting based authorship and because we promised the community. I think it was also hurt because it came after “World End Garden”, a one-shot with great emotional range and impact. I think I would have felt differently about VB if I had read it before WEG.

  8. Thanks for the release!!
    I really enjoyed reading it, especially the art, was pretty good XD
    But it kept reminding me of “Otoyome-gatari” while I was reading it

    It's good that she ended up with Lucel, Jiru is a bit too happy-going and I don't like that kind of character XD!!

  9. I am charmed with me the this good well plot ¡
    That good to turn hereabouts T.T already was surprising I hope that he is not still falling ill.
    But regards to all

  10. @Yue – Now that you mention it, the blandness does indeed reminded me of the blandness of Otoyome-gatari: “ohh, nice artwork and setting.. *reads* ..huh, could this get a little bit more interesting…*yawn*”

    Saphire-Pyro did mention in a tweet that Sorata does read that manga, Now i see where the boring influence came from…

  11. I was also thinking of “Otoyome-gatari” while reading this, but I love “Otoyome-gatari” for it's mellowness and really dug this story (and AnS and the author's other stuff) because it was low key and chill. *shrugs* I like quiet mangas, so I guess I'm also part of the bad taste group.

  12. @Chana and the other readers who liked this one-shot don't feel bad about liking this one-shot. Your taste isn't bad. It's just that you can't please everybody all of the time :). If you enjoyed this one-shot, I'm glad because it means our efforts weren't wasted.

  13. @SilverLunar, So Sorata did read “Otoyome-gatari”… I felt It was extremely similar so I thought maybe the mangaka read it
    But I don't find otoyome-gatari boring, its pretty interesting… to me XD
    But I guess not everyone might like that type of manga, everyone has different taste

  14. I'm surprised at the people who didn't like this little one-shot :O
    I adored it and it had a calm pace and the drawings are amazing. I agree that the story wasn't the most innovative and maybe it did remind some people of other stories.
    But it made me fall in love with the softness of the characters and how they developed their feelings for each other.
    Thank you for scanlating this 😀

  15. This wasn't the best one-shot…it's not even a really good one. Personally, I felt that it was sort of rushed, and as many said, too shallow. Well, but then, thinking of Sorata-sensei's series and everything, it's really all not too deep. Overall, I would read this again, due to the fact that I love the art. And really, personally, I've seen much worse and it came out better than what I expected it to be too. (Some people may trash this one-shot, but if it's good enough to be published, it's good to the editors and that's what really matters.)

    Overall 6/10.

    Thank you so much for getting this out!! 🙂 (And I think this was aimed towards audiences who really don't look too much into the story…just the people and the art.)

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