Magnolia Chapter 9

It’s been a busy past few days.  First a planned real-life thing happened and then an unplanned family emergency happened.  Fortunately, all is well and life is back to normal.  Anyhow, here is “Magnolia” chapter 9.  There’s a nice little flashback in the beginning that confirms many of our suspicions and then we get on to fun with Hollier.  Hopefully those people who were initially put off by Hollier will warm up to her by the end of this chapter.  She’s good girl with good intentions.  And now the links:

Links to “Magnolia” Chapter 9: (Zip) (PDF — tablets and mobile)

Spoiler Alert!  Spoilers Ahead!

My Thoughts on the Chapter:

Hugo seriously needs to change his tactics regardless of his goal.  I don’t think uncontrollably pouncing upon Ayato is scoring any points.  A little self-restraint would be nice.  He is a soldier after all.  Perhaps he should try talking to Ayato over lunch or something.  Talking is good.  It helps to build a trust relationship.  If Hugo continues down this path, Ayato will be on the look out and won’t go anywhere near him.

Hollier!  She’s a sweetheart, but I fear she’s destined for a broken heart along with Nagi.  I hope all the Hollier-haters will give her character a second chance after this chapter.  Hollier’s cute!

Nagi!  Fight, Nagi! Fight!  I want to huggles him so much!  What an awful position to be put into!  I hope he explains the situation to Ayato and that Ayato understands and is gentle to poor Nagi.  Nagi…T_T

Next up is “Yukarism” chapter 4.

A reminder about J+K:  Shouoto-sensei is talking a month off from J+K, so chapter 10 will not be released in Japanese until late May.  Because chapter 9 has a nasty cliffhanger and chapter 8 does not, I’ve decided to do a double release of Chapter 9 and 10 during late May/early June to save us all the pain of waiting two months after a nasty cliff hanger.

21 thoughts on “Magnolia Chapter 9


    Thank you for this chapter. ^_^ Also, the King's brother is on the 1st page, eh? He kinda looks creepy with that smile.. >_>

    Now onto the chapter~! ::cheers::

    Whoa, whoa, whoa!! Hugo.. sto.. Ayato do something!! Push him away or something. Don't just sit there and take it! My word.. that page (05) just kinda shocked me there. Also, the bee is just kind of in the scene for no Amused me.

    Aw, now I sort of feel sorry for Vincent. ::gives him a pat on the back:: Buck up, young man. But, the King is still cuter! Muwahahahaha

    No, no that certainly wasn't a encouraging smile there. Again, creepy. He just smiles creepily. ::shivers:: Meh.. (though, the moment itself was funny)

    Uh, didn't Ayato already PROVE that to Hugo before? The time at the “house” party? Hugo has a bad memory… But his head tilt was cute. ^_^ Whoa.. um.. O_o Oh! Good job Hollier!! *gains some points there* And then you.. do the volcano nose bleed.. bleh..

    My, my. Ayato is straight forward isn't he? Lol. Hollier is cute though. Ha! That was awesome! That is certainly one way to get rid of the pesky “doki, doki”'s! ::laughs:: ^_^

    Ha! I knew she was in cahoots with the headmaster/principal! Of course it wasn't in the way I expected, but still! Lol.

    And you're right. Hollier did gain points for me. I think she'll be a good character. And as you said, Hugo needs to friggin' BACK OFF!! My word.. Tsk. Nagi.. my poor Nagi. ::huggles him::

    This is a long comment, I'm sorry!! Again, thank you!

  2. Thank you for the chapter. After reading it I like this series even more.
    I agree with you, my view of Hollier has changed for the better after this chapter. 🙂
    But I don't agree with Nagi ending up being broken hearted. Noo I want AyatoxNagi >_<

  3. Awesomeness. Thanks for the release.

    I actually like Hollier. She's pretty funny. Seem like she got a dirty mind .. XD Haha. Why else she gets random nosebleed?

    I feel bad for Nagi too. Heh, I actually hope the prince is actually be a male @ the end… Or better yet genderless. XD Haha. o-o! Ah~ just wishful thinking, I highly doubt anything I wish will happen will turn out the way I want. It never does. :'( Haha.

    PS. I love Naked Ape's works. :O They do amazing job w/ their manga & such. Thanks again for the scanlation.

  4. Thank you for this chapter! 😀

    I really do pity Nagi having to adapt to his problem with Ayato ):

    However, is it weird that I still love Hugo the most among the characters even with what he did in this chapter? (0_0)

    I actually found the whole scenerio kind of interesting/funny. hehe!

    I'm still a HugoxAyato fan the whole way ❤

  5. Whoa! I wrote this long post just for it to get deleted by a page error!! ARGH!

    I am not that lucky recently..:|

    Well to summary what i wrote, I like Hollier, I totally knew it about Vincent's backstory, but shocked about the fact that he actually STILL hold his fellings after all these years?!? Which in return will make Nagi suffer all the same too T_T

    And my hate for Smug just increases after each chapter, I hope he dies in a fire or something.

  6. I like hollier too!!! hugo is really starting to annoy me… I LOVE NAGIIIIIII.
    Love your work Thank you so mcuh!!!

  7. Yep…Hugo went from adorable to creep in two moves. I didn't like that. I don't want Hugo to be a creep…or maybe I should say I don't want Ayato to fall in love with a violent creep. It doesn't settle well with me when abused people fall in love with their abusers. Hopefully, after this Hugo will tone it down.



    Anyways, this chapter has been really interesting since it reveals a bit more secrets and flashbacks. I can't wait for the next chapter!

  9. Thank you so much for this…

    Poor Nagi!!! He is falling into the pit of despair…Hang in there friend…

    Hugo…hmm..getting very aggressive…I still think Hugo knows Ayato's secret and has an agenda to follow, and when he said we'll see about that, I just immediately thought that he had every intention of securing Ayato to become a woman…But I still can't give up on Hugo…

    Nagi would be the perfect gentleman, but Hugo would be something else…

    Yes, Hollier does seem more likeable in this chapter…even though she is cute and caught Ayato's attention, I still can't picture Ayato as a male.

    We haven't heard from Sui and Lily in a while…could it be the story will take a left turn and Ayato becomes a female and Sui ends up succeeding?

  10. @BM — I have no doubt that's Hugo's mission has something to do with finding out whether Ayato's female. But I wonder whether Hugo's totally messed up when he's around the floral scent. His behavior has to be reconciled or the audience will not accept him as a viable partner for Ayato. A lot hinges on Naked Ape getting this right and I think chapter 9 went a little too far. “No” means “no” — end of story.

  11. Thank you for the chapter.

    I like Hollier. I think she's going to end up wit Nagi in the end. At least I hope they end up together since they would make a good couple.

  12. Hmm…I wonder if hugo was ever meant to be a viable partner. His whole purpose may have been to ensure Ayato becoming a female, and the scent could be the reason for his behavior. He is fighting attraction with the sense of duty.

  13. just make it yaoi/shounen ai NAKEAPE XXDD

    malefemale…what are you going to do plus Ayato seems to be leading towards the male side so hey maybe he will choose female ^^a

    or turn Ayato into Sasuke and your fine =B

  14. as always, thank you for all the team's hard work in this chapter 🙂

    i'm confused by Hugo in this chapter. i agree with everyone else with thim becoming a creep and less like a gentleman all of a sudden. but wait, i thought he already knew that Ayato is genderless? so i was confused when he remarked that Ayato has “flat breasts”, it made the impression that he thought of Ayato as female all along.. and never considers the fact that he's male. anyways, i can't help but feel that Vincent is up to something with that smile of his *shudders* you're right, Hollier did become more likeable in my eyes but there seems to be something else going on behind her role of protecting Ayato.

  15. @Ai Sakura — I don't think Hugo knows exactly what's going on with Ayato. Perhaps rather than taking Ayato's word, Hugo wants to see for himself??? My guess is that whatever he's doing is part of his “secret mission”.

  16. I really hope that Ayato will end up with Nagi, I just feel like those two have so much potential together. I havent really liked hugo from the start of the series and i think that holliver is cute but I can't picture Ayato winding up as a male at all.

  17. Yeeey, chapter 9!

    Hugo sure have a 'fast hand' and 'fast mouth', but, but, but, please control yourself~
    Huwaaa, don't make Ayato yours so soon!
    I still want to see Nagi desperated more!*evil smile*
    And I sense there'll be incest (I hope not) between Sui and Ayato..
    It's getting more and more interesting!
    Can't wait chapter 10!
    Ganbatte ne, Omari's Sister!

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